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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jun 8, 2012 5:45 PM Flag

    O/T The President Doesnt Have a Clue

    I watched President Obama on TV today(FOX of course) and he stated that the private sector was doing fine in america,, tell that to the 20 mil+ that are unemployeed,, and then he comes back a couple hours later and backtracks his statement,, he is like a fart in the whirlwind and aint gots a clue as how to create jobs,, his policies are not and will not work for this country, imo,,

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    • "You people say this for the stupid people. WHo then repeat it. The only question is, which one are you?"

      You should answer your own question, if your source of knowledge is Kruggzman and the New york slimes, imo. Nuff said.

    • Governments print currencies. So the comparison with family is ridiculous, particularly when you are talking about the United States Dollar.

      The measure of the cost of the deficit is the interest rate, not that the government is a family. Reagan was the biggest spender of all time, souping up that deficit beyond all presidents before. He was the ultimate Keynsian.

      The interest rate goes up when an economy is growing and there are alternative places to invest that cash. That's when it's time to NOT have a deficit, not during growth, when your weanie Bush destroyed our surplus. That was when you BALANCE the budget. But you a-holes always get it backwards and destroy the economy and the fiscal balance of government during BOOMS. You're supposed to, like Clinton, Balance when the economy is doing well, and then increase government spending, when times are tough, which Bush / Cheney also said, when they needed Congress' cooperation.

      So the notion that you cut now, is nonsense. You people say this for the stupid people. WHo then repeat it. The only question is, which one are you?

    • Mr Fraud,

      The GOP used all manner of stalling, and failed to appoint most of Obama's early nominees including many court appointees. Despite having control, the GOP strategy was to stop all government.

      So you fail to look at the facts yourself. You know these are the facts too, so I'd say you just outright lie.

      The GOP, when Bush was in office, demanded that Democrats NOT use the filibuster in the Senate, for appointments. Bush had the right to appoint whomever he wanted as he was "elected" (but not really), and so Democrats complied. But Obama comes into office and he was UNDISPUTEDLY elected, and the GOP not only fails to comply with its own rules for governances, but throws out ALL the stops to sabotage government, kamikaze style, which was only improved with the Tea Party came in, but was there all along, with the notion that if they can stop everything, then they can blame Obama for everything too.

      So, your statements are just more of the same lying, sneering, bull snit strategy. And quite honestly, that's what makes it all so incredible.

    • There was only one reason for that downgrade. The Tea Party driven kamikaze congress. They decided it was politically worthwhile to destroy the U.S. rating, and said it didn't matter, if you recall, to teach Obama a lesson - that he was NOT actually the President, and couldn't set fiscal policy, because they would do it themselves. And they, along with Bush, had set the nation on an unsustainable fiscal course. Two wars, no new taxes, they destroyed a 10 trillion surplus, for an economic sugar high that resulted in the greatest economic crash since the great depression.

      Now they are, as they always intended, trying to blame Obama for their destruction of the country. Also, they had always said the the only way to get rid of the "social welfare state" - read social security, medicare, etc., was by bankrupting the country, WHILE, and this is the beauty of it, TALKING about fiscal responsibility. TALK one thing, DO the other...

      And the really funny thing is, all the schmucks in the GOP who go along with this, willfully, but who still, despite knowingly lying, and trying to win, don't really understand that the game plan is to destroy THEM too.

      That's really amazingly funny. The joke is on you Republicans... and the jokesters are your own leaders. Very funny!

    • This is sheer stupidity. I'd like to think you people are intelligent enough to know that you're not telling the truth, all the time, but, unfortunately, it appears you really don't know that you're spreading false information, constantly.

      Bearing false witness, not good...

    • Keeps,

      Keep it real. Do you run your household without a budget? and do you spend money you don't have? Well America the beautiful has been operating for almost 4 years now, without a budget. After the change to the US Congress in 2010, they still could not get a budget bill through the US Senate.

      Almost every bill the 111th congress passes dies in the US Senate. Who do we thank for the dead House Representative bills that were passed in congress from 2010 to present date?

    • There willbe pain and knashing of teeth in November when the left looses,, people are sick of their horse sheit and athey will be voted out,, IMO,,

    • Your post is classic see no facts, hear no facts, and speak no facts or truth either. I admire your burying your head in the sand spirit. The bad news with my admiration is that your rear end is exposed to be I promis I will not kick out of pity for a fellow American, who happens to be under the influence.

      Your blame game of the wrong bad actors is just not surported by the facts. First off, do your home work and you will know EXACTLY why we had a "housing collapse of 2008" right to the root cause. That said, you failed to mention that for TWO YEARS before the arrival of your "right-wing teapary nutjobs" the 3 branches of government were controlled by the same party who NEVER offered or passed a budget.

      More importantly, even after the arrival of your "right-wing teapary nutjobs" to congress, all the bills they have passed including a budget, is laying, and rotting in someone's senate drawer..i wonder why. FACT is the US Senate is not even controlled by your "right-wing teapary nutjobs".

      Where is your proof/link that "over the past 12 quarters the national debt has been slowly decreasing"? Also HOW did Clinton create the buget surplus GW inherited? Every fact you don't like seem to translate to bigotry, yet we have a non caucasian male as the president of the United States of America.

      How would you explain this form of "bigotry", because it is FACT. I am sa bigoted as I am constipated, thanks to racism merchants who can't stand the truth. Why am I not surprised, losers always have an excuse why they lost and it's not their fault. That sob song bird doesn't fly anymore. Those days of lie, deceive, divide and conquer is OVER, take a hint from Wisconsinites.

    • <<Where are the jobs Keep,, Obama's policies are not producing,,>>

      Doc, are you both deaf and blind, or just too bigoted to accept documented facts? And the fact is that private sector jobs have grown under Obama. And using the same time frame that Obama and GW were in office, Obama created twice as many private sector jobs as had GW!
      And Obama inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, along with to wars to boot. And he also inherited a hugh budget deficit from GW, whereas GW inherited a budget surplus from Clinton.

      Tell me Doc, how in the world can you justify posting such unsubstantiated bs, as you continually do regarding Obama?

    • Where are the jobs Keep,, Obama's policies are not producing,, and the biggest reason I dont care for him as a politician is that he and the democratic congress rammed Obamacare down our throats and didnt even read the dam bill first,, when it gets overturned this month, he is toast,, and besides, slick Willy dont want him in either, so Hilary can run in 16,,
      Good Evening,,

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