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  • booskiadam booskiadam Jul 27, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    I reprat my question yo the liberals is global warming man maid?


    Justvasking........ no WMD talk.

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    • The US needs to lead but the cost of containing polution in high and other countries may not have the means to be compliant to a global inititive,, I did'nt read it, I reasoned it like I do alot of stuff and then some is just my opinion as you may well know,,

    • Re: "The trouble is compliance from other countries"

      craig, where do you get this stuff (although we know it must clearly be the same place you get your political positions---but, yikes, it is scary)?


      Who’s ‘Most to Blame’ for Global Warming?

      The USA — by a Long Shot

      By Bill Blakemore, Jul 22, 2012

      Who’s most to blame for global warming?

      Nobody meant it to happen.

      But it has, and there’s no debate among the world’s scientists about which country is “most responsible.” That is, about which nation has injected the greatest amount of the heat-trapping invisible gas CO2 into to the atmosphere, where a lot of it remains for years, piling up and only adding to the heat.

      The answer: United States has, with China a distant second.

      And figured on a per person basis, the “most responsible” is the United Kingdom, with the United States a close second, Germany a close third, and China a distant seventh. …………

      Government leaders in Europe, China, India, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America have for many years expressed hope that the United States would become the global leader in forging binding agreements to drastically cut the heat-trapping CO2 emissions worldwide.

      They apparently have done so mainly because they feel that the single greatest superpower would be able to set the tone, not only because the United States is “most to blame” in the sense of having put the single largest amount of CO2 up there.

      But the fact of America having emitted the most is still a major factor in the diplomatic requests for the US to take the lead.

      Especially in the absence of global leadership from the United States on this matter, this hard and undisputed fact of which nation is “most to blame” seems to many observers likely to be increasingly an issue in negotiations as the effects of manmade global warming grow worse.

    • The trouble is compliance from other countries,, in the meantime, we as people can do things like recycle, make sure your car is tuned and the tires have the right air pressure, car pool and keep striving for cleaner burning energies, like nat gas and nuclear both of which we are way far behind,, hopefully in 5 years we will see nat gas stations all over,, I know in WV they are drilling on every street corner,,

    • Naw, global warming is not man made, its right-wing numbnuts made.