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  • hschlauch hschlauch Aug 24, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

    Here's a Conundrum...

    If you are a critic of Obama's presidency, but he signed an executive order that was unanimously upheld today concerning federal funding for embryonic stem cell research; and you are an investor in ACT - what is your appraisal of Obama's executive order in this specific instance?

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    • "Conundrum"??? Is that the same as a Trojan???????????

    • My appraisal of Obama.....I give him a C .....I give the Democrat majority who had power at the time of the EO a D- ......those who paid attention knew that the executive order was not enough and yet Obama failed in his leadership role to encourage the passing of legislation...legislation that was passed twice under Bush but vetoed both times... granted we now have a whopping 178 lines instead of the 21 under Clinton and Bush ....however the long dragging lawsuits have hampered the ability to include the early blastocyte lines which is a negative for with just months left in his term we certainly have not accomplished as much as I would have liked ....that being said I believe R & R would not be good for the industry.

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      • Just to be clear... ACTC's single-cell blastomere derived hESC lines are not the same thing as blastocyst lines. A blastomere, by definition, is an eight-celled human embryo, whereas a blastocyst could be an embryo of more than 100 cells. Deriving a stem cell line from a blastocyst is embryo-destructive, while the single cell blastomere technique is non-destructive. Incorrect use of the scientific terminology obfuscates bioethics questions and, as we have seen in online fora and reputable news sources, renders ACTC's technology unethical.