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  • notthatflop notthatflop Aug 30, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    Fed Court strikes down racist voter law in TX

    At least the Courts got it right in Texas. GOP keeps trying to put these laws on the books to stop poor minorities from the most important right we have, voting. Thank you Federal appeals court!!!!

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    • IMHO anyone who opposes voter ID Iaws has ulterior motives. Ensuring fairness in our voting process is paramount if you want fair elections. Naturally it would be the Democrats who would oppose free and fair elections based on their sorry track record. You libs better get used to it because all states except maybe California and Massachusettes will require it. By the way, hang on because Texas will be back with it and you will be crying in your beer when the illegals and dead people can't vote. i bet that will break your heart.

    • go ahead and get your illegasl to vote. Romney wins in a landslide in Texas and around the country.funny how you need id to open a bank account, cash a check, collect lottery winnings, drive a car run for office, get a job, buy a gun, fly in a airplane, but we cant ask a person to show id to vote because its racist. only a loser like you would think this is a good thing. its almost Friday loser i am sure your government check is in the mail.