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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Sep 4, 2012 7:39 PM Flag



    The loony left keeps saying renewable energy, renewable energy. Unless keep has a working renewable product in his closet that really works, we will have to use fossil fuels. Industrialized nations run on energy. So unless keep wants to give up his automobile and his central heating and air and return to the mid-1800s, I suggest we keep using fossil fuels. When we get a reliable cheap source of renewable energy we should go to it. Until then, we have to use fossil fuels.

    As far as global warming goes, Al Gore is the PT Barnum of the left. He has scammed loons like keep out of 100 million dollars. He has two, count them, two energy gobbling mega-mansions, a fleet of limos, huge house boat and a private jet yet he wants us in a 350 square foot unheated house and driving a Yugo. If Al really thinks the oceans are going to rise, why did he buy a mansion on the Californian coast?

    Only the nutz think climate is static. Climate has been changing since the Earth came into existence.

    Oh and keep, yes I am a denier. In other words I think for myself. I will never slavishly follow PT Barnum.

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