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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Nov 9, 2012 3:35 PM Flag

    Off the Cliff? President Obama has ALL THE POWER. CHECKMATE

    In the GOP's sad attempt to please a nobody, Grover Norquist, they all signed up for a pledge of no new taxes, literally SIGNED UP. Well, short sighted dopes as they are, starting with Norquist himself, they now find themselves in a lose-lose situation. President Obama is holding all the cards. If they do nothing, Bush tax cuts expire and tax rates go up to where they were before Bush drove our economy into the gutter In other words, new taxes. The GOP controlled house could raise taxes on just the rich and not the middle class, the job creating formula, but either way they'll get a spanking from Grover Nobody.

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    • You're inaccurate.

    • Poor Cons still haven't come to terms with the fact that they LOST so badly. They are scrambling around trying to rationalize with all kinds of screwy scenarios instead of just facing what happened. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED FOR OBAMA !!!!! Sorry, but the GOP CONS suck and the MAJORITY of AMERICANS don't want evil that hides behind a thin facade of morality.

    • Yep, njdanny.

      Insofar as theresnobleachere goes, I am happily marreid to my one and only for over 50 years. He served in Korean War Police Action where his high school class was decimated! I met him in college. He's 7 years older than I.

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    • Hi Danny,

      Hopefully, Repubs. know we, the people, have spoklen once more. It's time to end the prejudice, disrespect for our duly elected (by a vast majority) president, and join the United States of America. I don't remember Repubs. being such poor losers. We are all Americans.

      Finally, the mad 10 years of tax relief for the waalthy 'job creators' (Lol!) will sunset and come to a long at last end! More than 3 Trillions of dollars held on sidelines by the wealthiest among us . I'll gladly pay 39.6% like we did under Reagan or 36,9 % under Clinton. I love my country. Paying taxes is my patriotic duty. I don't serve in our military. How many Repubs. (not even mentioned during their RNC) say they support the troops? How many actually do? Actions speak louder than words. Peace, all.

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      • Joy, they still don't get it. Karl Rove is now saying they lost because President Obama suppressed the white vote?????? This is the alternate universe the GOP Cons live in. Project onto your opponent what you are actaully doing, blast it on FAUX News and wham-o it becomes some kind of strange reality to them. They simply refuse to face the fact that WE THE PEOPLE under MAJORITY RULE have spoken, again. Like I said though, President Obama holds all the cards and all the TRUMP Thanks for sharing your passion and thoughts Joy. Danny

      • Joy, I've read several of your other blogs and they are very sincere. Married 50 years? Now THAT is quite an accomplishment under any condition. I hope you are feeling well on a daily basis in every regard. To me you sound like a strong person, so no matter what may be going on in your life you deal with it head on. Kudos to you and your husband on every level.
        These GOP cons here never seem to answer or face facts, preferring to answer questions with a personal childish attack. Reality is not the strong point of the current GOP. My parents were both G.I.s in WW2 and both Republicans. Their party was a different party than the GOP of today. The GOP today is shrinking every election cycle. I believe the radical right of the party will break from the main GOP. That will leave the GOP in a minority status for a while, but then it willl start to attract mainstream individuals as it once did. I wonder if I'll live long enough to see that happen but I do believe it will happen. The billionaires paid big bucks to stir up racism but racism and the face of America has been changing for decades and the GOP failed to see that. Yes there will be racists for a long time but after President Obama's first election, and especially now after the 2nd election it's obvious racists are no longer a majority. The billionaires used the fear of losing ones white heirarchy as a divider of Americans, and it worked, just not in their favor. More whites are not racist, and there is such an incredible blend of Americans and people wanting to be Americans, it's a beautiful country and this last election has restored my hope and faith. Thanks Joy, it was nice to read you comments tonight. Daniel

      • Joy, maybe you should be NJ's wife. Fine you want to end the Bush tax cuts and go back to the Clinton rates - fine that's a 4 point increase - that's it. No deficit reduction. Revenues under Clinton took off when he lowered the cap gains rate.

        What's you plan?

    • First off read your constitution.

      Second, it's not about tax increases per se. It's about increasing revenue. You don't need to to necessarily raise tax rates to do that.