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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Nov 13, 2012 8:27 PM Flag

    Walmart... the perfect example of American Capitalism at it's finest.


    80% of Walmart's employees are on food stamps. What a success story!!!!

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    • Hey Blue, wow did you get the CONS worked up over this comment or what??? LOL. Now they are busy with the semantics of the statement instead of the overall story. You need to be more sensitive about the CONS, as you can see, most of them have a very thorough inside/out knowledge of Walmart and apparently feel the need to defend it. One of them said he only cleans his hands when he leaves Walmart, implying all other stores are cleaner I guess? It's a riot how on one hand these CONS on here pretend to all have loads of money, and then you find out they have an intimate knowledge of Walmart? HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, people with money would NEVER shop there. The dopey CONS don't even know when they've busted themselves....LOL. I guess Rockefeller, Gates, Warren Buffet, Keywest, Suretolose, theresno, bearclawe and deeppocketpool all meet up that the Walmart "cafe" to discuss foriegn policy??? HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. Yeah, ok CONS.

    • Oh that's way too funny "SURE-TO-WIN" LOL LOL LOL

    • be careful what blue puts out on this board. double check him, he has been caught in a big lie.

    • So Blue, what do you propose?

    • Working for any service company ( retail. / food / hosp. Etc.) sucks.lousy hours. Lousy pay.dealing with the public.when i shop at walmart i wash my hands immed. Afterward.

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    • blue, suretowin is right and you were wrong, try and be a man and admit it. you look like a idiot trying to defend your statement. nice job suretowin, facts are facts

    • one of the major contributors to Obama campaign is the ceo of walmart, he will be at the white house tomorrow meeting with the president. one of obama biggest supporter. he one of 15 business leader meeting with the president tomorrow. how do you like those apples blue. you have no credibility blue. learn something before you speak. size 12 in the pie hole. fool

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      • Not that a person with the name "SURE TO WIN" needs to be corrected (I think the election did that, lol) but PRESIDENT Obama has met with Walmart officials before. PRESIDENT Obama wants them to expand to "urban" (you racists know what that is) underserved areas where Walmart has refused to go until now. In addition, Michelle Obama met with Walmart officials and got them to agree to reduce fat and salt in it's Walmart food brands and to clearly label their food products. So whatever F'd up slant you were trying to give it, once again you CONS are sidelined by facts. Please don't cry.

      • Sure, one thing we can be sure of is that you don't know your facts, or you're a liar, just like Mitt.
        Are you a Mormon,too?

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    • Perhaps, they're fellow christians using ganja, peyote, and psylicybin mushrooms ?

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      By bluecloud1013, 30-Jul-12 09:43 pm
      Work for a living and pay your taxes without whining about it.They have succeeded in pigeion holing libs as welfare queens, when in fact we are very hard workers. we just tend not to brag about it like they do. Use the plants God gave us for medicine and knowledge (ganja, peyote, psylicybin mushrooms) because then you will know many things that they will never know. God created all plants and animals. God created humans with cabinoid, opiate and psychedelic receptors built in to our brains. Coincidence? I think not, but the contards will cry "druggie", but who cares? I only care what God approves of, not a bunch of hypocrites from red states. Know God, have a relationship wi9th Him and know His love for ALL His children is real.

      : )