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  • deeppockets46 deeppockets46 Nov 14, 2012 3:08 PM Flag

    reguarding the rich

    the rich will never pay high taxes. sometime i wonder why people are not capable of understanding that and then i realize they just don't have the intelligence that the rich and powerful have. Lets look at the new plan the president has for taxing someone estate. someone dies and they are worth 10 million. well the government will tax that person estate at 55% leaving the heirs 45% of anything over 3 million. the 1st 3 million will not be taxed but the other 7 million will be taxed at 55%,. the rich will take out a life ins policy for 7 million and make the payments till they die leaving the 7 million dollar life ins policy to their heirs, guess what, life ins is not taxed, the programs are set up by members of congress because their rich and powerful. so don't be fooled.the rich have many many loop holes because they write the laws. there are many more examples but i just wanted to show you how the john Kerry and john McCain of the world works.

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