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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Nov 17, 2012 7:36 PM Flag

    The Decline of America?

    Who in their right mind wants to see the DECLINE of America, let alone pursue such a desire? Watch the "managed" collapse of our great nation, by FIRST overwhelming its financial infrastructure. $16 TRILLION in debt is no accident. It is about to accelerate. This will be part of the "Managed decline" recipe....if ya think da twinkie is gone, watch what twinkles, moving forward.

    EXPERIENCE is the best teacher, and this experience will teach America a lesson America will NEVER forget.

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    • If we survive!!

    • I told ya! Ya ain't seen not'n yet....Yes we won and election does have consequences. Well?

      EXPERIENCE is the best teacher, and this experience will teach America a lesson America will NEVER forget...hehehehehehe. Are we learning boy and girls?

    • fraud, wants to talk about the Decline of America like it just started a couple years ago. Do you know how totally ignorant you are? Still playing silly games on a penny stock message board. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Pissant!

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      • I've NEVER indicated that America's decline started a couple of years ago. As a matter of fact not too many Americans knew or caught on to what was going on or what was happening to the country, until perhaps on Sept. 11, 1990, when Bush the older mentioned the NWO, and the pattern began to be more apparent. The central planning mindset dates as far back to the "father" of the modern Progressivism, our dear leader, Woodrow in 1918.

        In 1974 Kissinger created the "Zap office", aka the United States Office of Multilateral Diplomacy, which I suspect was the "shed/workshop" where trials of central planning were designed. There are fungus in the GOP as well, that were infected with the progressive cancer way back when, but at are only coming to light as the progressives took of their masks. Anyone who has been "awake" and folowing this cankerworm long enough would know what I am talking about.

        Look at any town USA and you will see evidence of central planning mentality, thanks to the UN and their push, albeit disguised as "sustainability". I'd encourage you to read the UN's AGENDA 21 on their own website if they still have it on. A lot of their "agendas" have mysteriously disappeared, because folks are catching on.

      • Rob, you seem to through the back door as you are actually admitting America's decline. FraudZ, did not make a statement this started a couple of years ago, he knows his bible all too well and you are admitting the decline goes back further than that yourself. I was the one who had to cram my homework for this last election to catch up, doing my best to vet both candidates. I listened to the liberals and the conservatives and evaluated all of the information, along with stopping and reflecting on the moral decline I have personally witnessed throughout my lifetime, and also comparing events and how they are in step with bible prophecy. Gathering all of this information, this led me beyond the United States and into exactly what Dickw states ...the one world order. Look at what is happening around the world and the UN agenda for the one world order and reference the book of revelations. It can not be denied. I hope you will do some homework and wake up to how you are being manipulated and turned into a sheeple, because they do want to turn you into a pissant. Peace.

      • So tell us rob, what does that make you?

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    • Fraud, I believe you are right on. What we are seeing now is part of a master plan to destabilize and reduce the effectiveness and power of the U.S. in world affairs. Can you say New World Order? Most Americans are not paying attention to what is really going on. Expect to see a Constitutional Convention convened in the not too distant future and a rewrite of the Constitution itself. Also, expect to see renewed emphasis to disarm all citizens through removal of the second amendment. Most liberals know this but don't talk about it.

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    • The liberal left can bash Romney/Ryan all they want to but, they did try to warn us about the "central planners" and how they were going to "manage" our country.

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      • Look at the success of central planners in Europe...they NEVER take responsibility for their actions and I believe they will still be blaming BUSH 4 years from now. America took the "Jagged red pill", and down the rabbit hole we go. This is from my September 19, 2012 post response to "DickW"...... I wish I could post the link. I have it in my video diary, where I try to preserve history for my kids and their gererations to learn from after I am gone, lest they forget, as they rebuild.

        "I have seen a 2009 video clip where Mr. George Soros said

        " an orderly decline of the value os the US Dollar is actually desirable. The decline of the value of the Dollar is necessary in order to compensate for the fact that the US economy will remain very weak and will be a drag on the global economy.

        China will be the engine driving it forward and the US will be a drag that is being pulled along through a GRADUAL DECLINE in the value of the Dollar. It is a delicate maneuver, but I think it can be done. So er, er, er, there will be a SLOW DECLINE in the value of the US Dollar.

        ....A MANAGED DECLINE and that would be er, er, er, er, the ADJUSTMENT that need to be ACCOMPLISHED !!!!"

        There is an established and pre determined goal here, let's see if they have the "heart" to follow through on their desires to forge a global gorvenance!