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  • corruptbusinesss corruptbusinesss Nov 19, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

    Watching to see if we break .06

    If we do it will be because of the dilution of more shares or maybe just the expectation of more shares. At any rate I think we are hostage to the courts and SEC. We could have blips up on sporadic positive news but until the resolution of the litigation and penalty’s take place we have what is a heavy anchor around our collective necks. If the worst case happens I guess we could be looking at .02 which will see many retail investors sell and I would say bankruptcy would be the order of the day. I was very tempted to sell at .09 a few weeks ago. Obviously I wish I had but I don’t think I would buy in here yet if I had. End of this month and first week of Dec may shed some light on our plight but don’t hold your breath. I suspect until ACTC can release some game changing news which I don’t expect for a long time we are going to see ACTC go to under .06. I’m just worried how far under.

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    • By January the pps will be in the $.04s
      No reason not to be at the same level as pre-FDA trial approval, since there it is still years away from any revenue resulting from the trials, just as it was in 2010. The market makers will be all-to-accomodating to bring it there, but in an orderly fashion, meaning they'll take their time, as they have been for the last six years.

      The only thing to move the pps on the necessary 100K volume, is either final FDA approval in say 5 years, or a buyout in phase III in 3 years, or FDA approval of a new IND a year from now (we haven not even submitted the applications to the FDA yet). There will be one day spikes to sucker in a new investor here and there, but the volume won't be high enough for the baggies to exit at much less of a loss. ACTC is the typical penny stock trap; easy to get in, but you pay the devil to get out, and not before a 50% loss.