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  • carrollcountryman02 carrollcountryman02 Nov 19, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    Gary should not be taking Director's fee's...reported to SEC and "Behind the Numbers", please read:


    Directors fee's taken by a CEO is highly frowned upon by the SEC. Further, our Directors are getting paid more money per quarter than the Directors of JPM and 90% of S&P 500 companies.

    i have initiated a complaint to the SEC as well as sent a letter to a whistle blower firm that specializes in matters such as these. They were instrumental in deciphering the Tyco case and will at the very least provide us with a cursory overview.

    I hope to recoup my losses here with the 10% finders fee from the SEC.

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    • So Carroll, you seem to have done the impossible, getting NJ and me to agree on something.

      While your first note had an aire of objectivity, your more recent notes show that you've already reach a conclusion. I disagreed with your first note and find the conclusions in your subsequent notes void of any truth.

      I was a Tyco shareholder back then and now own a bunch of spin off companies that are doing very well. What occurred under Kozlowski was criminal. That's why the CFO and CEO went to prison. No comparison here.

      Not that I think that the SEC or your legal firm will have any interest in this, the last thing that this company needs right now is any more distractions. Put it to rest.

    • Is "frowned upon" a legal term? Do you suffer from delusions of grandeur? Finders fee? What did you find? Many of us have ridden this rollercoaster but we aren't going to get off of it part way through then blame the ride operator. What did you put in the return address of your initiated complaint?---'from a disgruntled nobody blogger with an inferiority complex'? How much will you recoup? 50 bucks? Give us a break Mr. Self Importance.

    • Brother YOU need to find something else to do.. This is a high risk investment and with ANY---D/D you would know that, sell your stock as quick as you can, please don't try to convince people on this board that you're that bright..

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