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  • sjohn290 Nov 21, 2012 3:26 PM Flag

    To all the hand wringers on this board

    Well, I've been in 23 months and down $40,000.oo . Now 76.6 years old and last Wed,, the V.A.doc said I have prostrate cancer with a PSA of 33.4. Sold off 350,000 shares but trying to buy back some.

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    • John, If I may sir,, Prostate cancer in older gentlemen is not necessarily a grim diagnosis and they tend to do well,even if you leave them alone,, first of all you get an ultrasound of the prostate and then biopsy to prove that it is adenocarcinoma,, a CT of the pelvis and abdomen will show if there is metastatic disease, (spread of the cancer) hopefully it is contained and with a PSA of 33.4, that is not real bad,, then you set down with your doctor and decide what the treatment will be,, If you elect to have your prostate removed, then you insist on the robotic surgery, and of course by someone that knows what the hell they are doing,, there are other options, depending on the biopsy and CT results,, anywhere from sead implants, to radiation, to chemo,, again, older folks usually do better than the younger fellers,, good luck,,

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    • Congratulations on your persistence! I am a few years younger than you, but have told myself if I don't live to see the monetary payoff, my heirs will. There's a payoff for those with eye disease to also consider.

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