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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Nov 21, 2012 8:32 AM Flag

    To all the hand wringers on this board

    I haven't been on this board in quite some time and all I see now is folks who don;t seem to remember why they bought this stock. Patience to many here seems to be a few months or even less. It's like you can't see the forest for the trees. I've been with this stock since 2008 and the company has made tremendous strides since then. If you bought this stock because you wanted to be instantly wealthy you just simply made a mistake. These trials take time (many years) and are moving ahead. For those new to stock investing November and December is when people sell stocks that they have a paper loss to acquire the tax benefit. You have to be careful though because a sudden positive announcement from the company could happen at any moment and you are left on the wrong side of your sell transaction. This is the time to be buying shares and not selling. This is strictly human nature and must be recognized. Investors will love ACTC at $1.00 but hate it at .062. It seems with age one learns what real patience is and if you are of the younger generation you have just been raised with instant gratification in life. Take a tip from an old geezer who has been in the market for over 40 years. Look ahead. The pot of gold at the end of the stem cell rainbow is forming now. IMO you stay the course you will seize that pot of gold. Give up on the stock and you can tell your children and grandchildren about the one stock that could have made you a rich person but it was just too slow in coming and I threw in the towel and gave up. Good luck to all here.

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    • Per Rabin:

      ' Under the terms of the agreement, there are no upper limits to the price that Lincoln Park Capital may pay to purchase the Company’s common stock and this transaction in no way impedes or changes the Company’s goal of completing a reverse split and national listing. The Company plans to continue pursuing its stated corporate milestones of achieving a national listing ........ ' September. 20, 2012

      ' As you know, we are aggressively pursuing a reverse stock split, to be accompanied by an up-listing to Nasdaq.'

      ' We continue to move with great determination towards uplisting to the NASDAQ exchange with a concomitant reverse split to a qualifying share price. We have a very clear understanding of the few remaining boxes we need to check to complete the process, and are devoting significant management time to that effort .'

      ' With over 2 billion shares outstanding we can never get a listing onto the Nasdaq unless we were really close to commercialization.There has to be a reverse split.'

      ' In terms of the reverse split, the reverse, I’m holding off on doing the reverse as I said from the very beginning until we resolved these, the last of these warrant holder and debenture issues.I’m hopeful that we’re going to be able to put those to bed relatively soon because we’ve done a lot of other things to get ready for our uplifting and for our reverse. '

      ' Our position of strength is we have published data, and now we have additional data from subsequent patients, and follow on from the first patient that shows that we have a real proof of concept here.That is the most powerful position of strength that I can possibly think of.'

      ' I know very well that most reverse splits are are, least in the short term, value destructive...'

      Form 10-Q

      On April 26, 2012, the shareholders approved an amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company to effect a reverse stock split of the Company’s common stock, par value $0.001 per share, at a ratio not less than one-for-twenty and not greater than one-for-eighty, and reduce the number of authorized shares of the Company’s common stock in the same proportion as the reverse split, with the exact ratio to be set within such range in the discretion of the Board of Directors without further approval or authorization of the Company’s shareholders, provided that the Board of Directors determines to effect the reverse stock split and proportional reduction in authorized shares of common stock and such amendment is filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware no later than December 31, 2012.

      : )

    • sjohn290 Nov 21, 2012 3:26 PM Flag

      Well, I've been in 23 months and down $40,000.oo . Now 76.6 years old and last Wed,, the V.A.doc said I have prostrate cancer with a PSA of 33.4. Sold off 350,000 shares but trying to buy back some.

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      • Congratulations on your persistence! I am a few years younger than you, but have told myself if I don't live to see the monetary payoff, my heirs will. There's a payoff for those with eye disease to also consider.

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      • John, If I may sir,, Prostate cancer in older gentlemen is not necessarily a grim diagnosis and they tend to do well,even if you leave them alone,, first of all you get an ultrasound of the prostate and then biopsy to prove that it is adenocarcinoma,, a CT of the pelvis and abdomen will show if there is metastatic disease, (spread of the cancer) hopefully it is contained and with a PSA of 33.4, that is not real bad,, then you set down with your doctor and decide what the treatment will be,, If you elect to have your prostate removed, then you insist on the robotic surgery, and of course by someone that knows what the hell they are doing,, there are other options, depending on the biopsy and CT results,, anywhere from sead implants, to radiation, to chemo,, again, older folks usually do better than the younger fellers,, good luck,,

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    • Very nice read mclarence89. You are right on target.

    • Since 2008 how much have you gained or lost?
      It's about growing one's investment over time, no?
      You sound like an old geezer hoping to avoid further freefall
      No one invests here and expects riches overnight
      They simply don't want to be down 70%
      Is that too much to ask?
      Anyone in the last two years, who took your advice, is down as much as 75%
      And that's not good investing
      You should have exited somewhere near the high of .27 back in Dec 2011

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      • Karenlupa: IF one is down 50, 60, or 70 percent we are looking at paper losses and there is no reality to this type of decline unless you sell. Paper gains or losses are not meaningfull whatsoever unless you sell. Only at that point are your losses meaningfull. You are simply looking for a feel good situation if you are up on paper or a feel bad situation if you are down. When I buy this type of speculative, high risk stock I ask myself how long will it probably take to make any money on this. Back in 2008 I thought it would take between 4 to 7 years. I'm still in my comfort zone. I hope you can see where I'm coming from. Please don't label me a pumper or a basher or whatever term so many labels folks like to place on others. I first recognized that stem cells is the future of medicine. I then did DD on about a dozen companies in this field. My "gut feeling" was spiked by studying all I could find on Dr. Robert Lanza. He is a winner. He has what I call grit and determination. I decided to hitch a ride on his star and here I am today. Before I go I just want to mention that I am not a constant trader like in and out daily or weekly etc. I have always picked stocks with an eye to the future and in time if your DD is good you do quite well. I know, I know, the stock pundents today will tell you that buy and hold is the past and really not in vogue today. I have never listened to many of these so called experts. I follow my own path. My advice to you and others on this board is be an individual and not a sheep in the flock. I am sincere when I say that I want anyone who has money invested in ACTC to do well. Just don't think that today's price will always be there. IF it even goes down to 5 cents or less you must ask yourself this. How has this drop affected me? ONLY your own perception. You still own your shares and that has not changed. NOW, if you sell then and only then has your perception been realized. Try and not worry. Worrying can cause stress and stress will harm your immune system. Good luck.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I needed that pep talk coach. I'm generally positive about this stock but have grown a bit impatient at times lately. I probably need to stay off this board and not look at the stock for a while, just let it do it's thing and let the trials go on and do their thing too. I've digressed into stating the political "obvious" instead of staying on track with positivity about ACTC. Thanks.