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  • dsroyal91 dsroyal91 Nov 21, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    The spring is loading. Wait for it!

    This is the sound of this stock springing up after a few more eyepokes.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • a few more injections?
      sure, that will move the pig
      NOTHING has moved the pig in since january 2011 in a way that held, and on enough volume to let the trapped longs get out without a staggering loss (40-90%)
      It's down 70% since then, and down 99% from it's high
      You should be ashamed at your hype, hoping to lure in young newbie investors to your nightmare of a penny stock hell that is actc.

      Be warned: ACTC easy to get in, impossible to get out without a huge loss, NOT just because the pps has been in dive mode for six years (hence the 99% loss), but because the broker expenses alone will put you negative the first day you buy this pig penny stock.

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      • karenlupa : what you say is true...what i don't understand is why you feel the need to remind us after each positive post ? who do you work for ???

      • Oh there's happy happy Karen sunshine. Even the one eyed Medusa hides from ol' Karen/Ken lupa dupa. Poor ol' Karen, everything is horrible all of the time, nothing good anywhere. She/he has a huge chip on her shoulder, apparently he/she been done wrong....She/he must have bought high and now the doomsday scenario is one she/he plans to perpetuate to the fullest. Christmas or whatever holiday is coming up must be a real horrible time for anyone within a 5 mile radius of ol' Kar. I even think ol' Kar would even find something wrong with doomsday itself. Never happy Kar needs to spread her pain and misery far and wide. Now she calls it "pig" penny stock, she/he/it says "Be Warned" and believe me, he/she got that right.