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  • elk_1l elk_1l Nov 25, 2012 6:34 PM Flag

    GOP CONS on here still didn't get the message sent by WE THE PEOPLE.

    Re: "Doc, my favorite part of the Libroid hypocrisy is when they tout the moral rationale for the welfare and support system and then bash the "red" states that receive the majority of the support. If those are the neediest people then shouldn't our compassionate libs feel good about their largess?"

    nobeach, I think you miss the point. The libs are not complaining about helping the Red states. They are noting that those in the Red states needing the most help are the ones getting all worked up about free loaders and then getting out to vote against their own best interests.

    That is rather strange, isn't it? And perhaps possible only for those living in some kind of bubble that strongly mitigates against reality.

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    • oh, the poor poor cons aren't taking their losses very well I see...They just keep throwing stuff out there as if they have some credibility. They don't. They didn't. But you have to give the losers credit for trying. It's all they have. Truly all they have. The funny thing about it is these guys would lead you to think they are the rich greedy AHOLES that drive the GOP, but the truth is they ain't nobody. Big lazy overstuffed fish in a trickle down stream. Probably hiding out in the basement perusing porn and pretending righteousness. The GOP Party is a dying creature. They'll go out kicking and screaming lies, obviously. They just simply didn't learn.

    • Elk, the ones in the red states getting all worked up about it are not the ones that need help. Without a doubt the libs on this board and in general critize the mostly southern states where the money flows. It's no bubble, it's the liberal hypocrisy.

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      • Re: "Elk, the ones in the red states getting all worked up about it are not the ones that need help."

        Not rue, nobeach. Many of those needing help carry on in amazing states of denial and lack of self awareness and are amongst the most critical of free loaders though they, themselves, fall well within that designation.

        One of the more famous ones was the actor Craig Nelson who while being interviewed on the Glenn Beck Program in 2009 said "I've been on food stamps and welfare, did anybody help me out? No. No."

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