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  • karenlupa karenlupa Nov 26, 2012 12:31 PM Flag

    ACTC Science: If Lanza & Rabin believed

    their own the hype, you'd think they would have bought at least one share on the open market, between the two of them. Judging by how much they have invested in actc (nada, zero, null), they apparently have much less confidence in the company and likelihood of success than the longs and pumpers here.

    And before the pumping begins: Yes, they receive free shares annually (at your expense, as a result of continued dilution), so why should they buy?

    The answer is obvious, but here's a hint: investor confidence

    Besides, if they actually thought they would succeed, even if it took years, they would have bought at .04, or, .05, or today in the .06s.....and gift the shares to their extended families (since as you imply, they don't need the shares themselves). Their extended families would be filthy rich in just a few years.....IF

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