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  • karenlupa karenlupa Nov 26, 2012 10:27 PM Flag


    averaging down has done nothing but lose everyone a ton of money. The stock be down 99%. What more do you need to know about averaging down, and catching a falling knife. The world is full of has-been retails who once cast a glance at actc, invested a few hard-earned dollars, and have since vanished to no-man's land, or worse. Heck, the world is full of Lanza lovers on iCell, who now are jumping ship and not looking back, licking their wounds and wondering why they didn't listen to the actc bashers,,,,,,we've done a ton of bashing in the last 20 months, warning anyone who would listen that GR stole the company, and dilution is the name of the game, and, therefore, if you invest now you will lose everything, matters not how well the company does ten years down the road.

    Google these words: penny stock dilution bio-tech invest too early (and learn something)

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