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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Nov 27, 2012 1:01 PM Flag

    Ok, its prediction time

    I predicted we'd never see the 6's again, SO MUCH FOR THAT !!! With that in mind, I'll just throw out a totally random guess not based on instinct. Things are going to drag along with no big news other than an announcement about whether or NOT the reverse split will happen. Maurie Hill's transplantation may prove that more is not necessarily better, this all being research in it's infancy. Perhaps they'll discover that sequential transplantations of lesser amounts of cells are the key to success although there is no talk of that type of procedure at this point. Alternate research surrounding that "super" stem cell and MS may prove to be even more substantial. Lars is probably correct with the predictions of the next end stage result reporting mid year 2013. Unfortunately, we've seen some good results so far but it simply isn't moving the stock value as of yet so I'm weary of next years results doing much to move the stock up. It will take the interest of a major pharma concern to jiggle this stock loose from where it is stuck right now. NOW that I've said that amd been so wrong in my past predictions, I hope everything I said just now is wrong too and that Maurie Hill will report light and shadows returning in her vision, that blog will spark the interest of a mega-billionaire who invests buttloads of cash into ACTC and then creates a company expanding ACTC research and gives ACTC total dominance in the stem cell industry !!!!!!! lol, how's that?

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