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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Nov 28, 2012 11:07 PM Flag

    John McCain's free use of the "C" word tells us his level of disrespect for women.

    Just type in John McCain and the C word on you tube. He slips with that word a lot now that he's getting older, which let's you know he uses it a lot. I bet he's used it in place of Ms. Rice's name these days. Why does he hate her so much and why does he have this absurd vendetta against her? I can understand his bitterness at losing to President Obama, but that bitterness should be projected toward Palin. I wonder if he ever called her that word???? LOL.

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    • Beach, Geez you do not know your history! the Gramm-Beach-Bliley Act repealed Glass Steagal and guess what those three men are all republicans with their name on the bill so how could you say Clinton did it. I see your point he signed it but Republicans totally engineered it.

    • John has always had an impulse control problem and picking Palin was just another example of shooting from the hip, and I'll assume the C word stuff is just another one.
      However he makes it worse by never apologizing for his mistakes and doubles down on them.
      I remember him on a program not long ago defending the Palin choice saying she was qualified for VP and by implication POTUS. He's either a complete idiot or isn't willing to own up to his own failings.
      Not presidential material and the voters wisely saw it. However he still doesn't get it and try's to throw his weight around in Congress as if his opinions matter.
      What is bad for the country is he is actually one of the more rational Republicans! At least I don't think I've heard him denying evolution or the probability Global Warming exists and is the result of man's burning of fossil fuels.

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      • rx7171, I have often wondered about the personal attacks on Sarah Palin and on her qualifications for office by the Dems. I am a conservative but not necessarily a supporter of her. It is hard for me to understand how you find her so unqualified yet you supported someone whose main experience was as a community organizer. It seemed to me that neitther candidate was qualified. Putting politics aside, can you give an honest answer to this?

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      • He's lost it. It's time for McCain to retire with his much younger welathy heiress wife. He divorced his beautiful fashion model wife and mother of his 3 toddler and baby sons who remained faithfull to him during all those Viet Nam years away at war and in that horrible prison.

        She had been in a terrible auto accident which disfigured her somewhat compared to the stunning veauty she was before he'd left. When McCain returned home he ran around, he drank too much, as he did in his youth, was unfaithful, an excessive drinker.

        He met his much younger present wife at an airport, lied about his age and marital status, married her in time. Then went into Arizona politics.

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      • He's always touted as a war hero, but I think the torture he endured may have messed with his head. As he's getting older he's even more set in that stubborn place that won't admit when he's wrong. Although that seems to be a GOP standard, as proven by the denial of a landslide election by the CONS on here. While the country is trying to move forward and tackle the issues at hand, the Republicans have thrown the anchor in the water and seem determined to keep the country stuck in Bush's mess. McCain is a sore loser, a hothead, and seems to be experiencing some early signs of dementia-stubbornness, unwillingness to acknowledge faults etc. Sadly, it is the country that he served in war that he is now holding back with ridiculous arrogance and lies. Time for the country to move on and for McCain to move over.

      • You'll never hear me defend his choice of Palin - pretty stupid - but that decision is at the root of the problem with the republican party these days. He picked someone to make the far right fringe happy, but made all republicans look irrationale.

    • who gives a #$%$. get the economy turned around, going on 5 years #$%$ hole

    • Is there no bottom to how low you'll go in character assassination? If he said it about his wife, it was in 1992. Every other you tube clip that I heard was either a flub or some sophomoric compeltation from different speeches. And yes, we know it was a flub because in the context of what he was talking about the c word wouldn't make sense to use. So out of all this you conclude that he uses it a lot now.

      As for Susan Rice there is certainly politicing going on here but there are legitimate issues as well. I still don't get why she was the one to go on these shows in the first place. I'd like to see us get beyond her role and get to the real questions as to what happened. Two and half months after we should have the answers and move on from this.