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  • pierre_narusse pierre_narusse Nov 29, 2012 2:51 PM Flag

    McCain is to Hero as Tebow is

    to Hall Of Fame QB. McCain was almost kicked out of AF school, was a solid D student, got SHOT down, caused others to get killed, comitted treason, was a screw up clown, married rich, and HE IS CONSIDERED AN EXPERT?????

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    • Yes, Pierre,

      Now Sen. McCain -almost kicked out of Annapolis after getting special admitance from father and grandfather's records as admirals - graduated 3rd from bottom of his class at Annapolis. A privileged reckless immature kid who got drunk & wrecked his new Corvette gift in Florida. He caused over 100 deaths on an aircraft carrier due to reckless flying. Not a partcularly good record before he was captured in Viet Nam. It's time, Mr. Senator John McCain - just finish with a modicum of dignity, please.

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