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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere Nov 29, 2012 5:24 PM Flag

    "Just type in John McCain and the C word on you tube"

    According to NJ Danny, if you do this you'll see examples of McCain's "free use of the c word."

    Well I did and here is what you get. Video of a speech where McCain fumbles the phrase "credit crunch" and it sounds like the c word and during another speech he says "rates were cut" and it sounds like the c word. But no normal or reasonable person would conclude that these were anything more then fumbling over his words. In the context of what he's saying the c word wouldn't even make sense.

    What you'll also find is a Howard Stern clip of one of the speeches mentioned above, a truly inspired compilation of four speeches to make it sound like he's calling Sarah Palin the c word and a few other juvenile efforts of the same.

    There is also a story from 1992 - no video - where he is alleged to have called his wife the c word - indefensible if he did, but that's between the two of them.

    So since NJ Danny has such a Stellar reputation for accuracy and would never stoop so low and mislead anyone, I'll give him or anyone else a chance to correct me in what I found. And as I said before, if he has used that word I'll condem it.

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    • Come on Danny Boy. Defend yourself

    • NJ. I must have missed something here. Show me where these videos are of McCain's "free use" of the c word are. You said he uses the word frequently.

    • "There is also a story from 1992 - no video - where he is alleged to have called his wife the c word - indefensible if he did, but that's between the two of them."

      Theres, it was not alleged it is fact he said it to her, people heard it and its documented. And I'll guarantee you, if talked to his wife in this degoratory manner in public, that he's used this disgusting term many more times in his life. And you should realize that sticking up for this disgusting man, makes you look like an idiot, especially if you're a female.

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      • Wow Keep, based on this I can't imagine how you feel about Bill Clinton.

        If you could comprehend when you read, you'd know that I wrote that the story from 92 at least seemed possible. But again, your supposition that because he did it once he must do it all the time is #$%$. The story of course was reported in such top publications as the Wonkette and Huffington Post.

        But back to the point - have you even listened to the you tube evidence that NJ said showed McCain's "free use" of the word? It is so clear that he never said the word even once in those videos. ZERO times. (And i even left the door open for NJ or anyone else to show me something that I missed) He was talking about housing and the economy! If that's the criteria and level of proof that you use to make decisions then you are a sorry sap. So comprehensive challenged Keep - I'm not sticking up for John McCain, I'm simply saying that what NJ stated was evidence of his free use of the c word doesn't exist.

      • keep, who heard it and post the documentation, or it just hearsay. got it. just because you say it happened doesn't make it so, cowgirl.

    • looks like Danny is a lair. shame, shame boy. tried to get one by us. you no longer have any credibility on this board liar.