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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Nov 30, 2012 4:31 PM Flag

    O/T The Fiscal Cliff and Healthcare

    If we go over the cliff then there are automatic cuts in medicaid and medicare payments at 30% +,, alot of people are going to die,, I would think right now would be a good time to get into the mortuary business,, there will be a need, especially with Obamacare,, hows that gonna work out for you,, maybe he can wave his magic wand and cure you,,

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    • If the Republican/Libertarian/Tea Party members of Congress have their ways, it will probably be near a hundred percent cuts in medicaid, medicare, social security, and other "social" programs.

      The Libertarian/Tea Party fraction of the Republican Party in the House of Congress will reactivate the push for freezing, if not reducing, the debt ceiling. Mean while, the remaining Republicans will push for expanding the defense side of the budget, while reducing tax rates of the rich further and further down toward zero taxation of the rich, in addition to "privatize" medicare and social security for the less old, which really means trashing and killing social security program, so that corporations will no longer have to kick in half of the contributions to the social security program. Do the arithmetic. Frozen, or reduced debt ceiling plus making permanent Bush tax-cuts-for-the-rich, plus further tax rate cuts for the rich, plus expended defense allocations, and who know what more for the rich (like legalizing hiding money offshore in Swiss and Cayman banks? Less inheritance taxation of the rich, etc etc. to satisfy the insatiable greed of the rich. ) result in little to no money left for "social" programs. In other words, this is the modern version of "let them eat cake."

      Patients, as well as their doctors, will be left to eat cake. The Republican super rich don't give a shet what happens to others, while they laugh all the way to the Swiss, and Cayman (and German?) banks. Sorry, plain doctors are no longer super rich and powerful enough for the Republican Party.

      Will the Tea Party make a big push to freeze the debt ceiling again. Most probably. Last time in the summer of 2011, they backed off, as the US Government was in danger of going into default. But, this time around, the Tea Party may be steeled in preparing to do a Kamikaze attack on downsizing the US Government at the probing of their crazed super rich masters, whose lobbyists have them signed pledges to lobbyists of the super rich instead of the American people, even if this may cause the country and the world to fall into a depression, when the super rich can buy up valuables pennies on the dollars off of the unfortunates.

      By comparison, the automatic fiscal cuts may be a good thing, as compared to the alternates of debt ceiling freeze, permanent Bush tax-cuts-for-the-rich, further tax rate cuts for the rich, further loopholes for the rich like legalizing Swiss and Cayman bank accounts, big expansion of unfunded defense budgets, the taking apart of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, pension protection, etc etc to further feed the insatiable greed of the super rich, who love to be able to buy up tons of valuables penny of the dollar off of the unfortunates during depressions. Read the works of Charles Dickens to see what the greedy rich can do to society for profit.

      If the Republicans are going to try to freeze the debt ceiling, expand defense, tearing apart social programs, then it is better to do the automatic cuts. That way, cuts of fat will be spread evenly. Debt ceiling will not be frozen (hopefully.) During the Clinton years, defense cuts (as a result of the end of the Cold War) resulted in a robust economy with budget surpluses. By the time of the automatic cuts, the Bush tax cut program will expire, ending one of the major causes of the deficit and unfunded wars. Fats need to be cut. Bush tax cut program need to expire. These are all good things. Making deals with greedy Republicans usually end in no good and disasters. Lets sacrifice the 1 percent to save the 99 percent, instead of sacrificing the 99 percent to fatten further the 1 percent.

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      • rmcags, you must be a commmunist otherwise why would you be ostracizing those who are patriotic and stand for freedom and the U.S. Consitution. It is people like you who are trying to tear down eveything our forefathers gave us 225 plus years ago. Show me one communist nation on this planet that has created so much for its citizens as well as given so much of its treasure and blood to the rest of the world. You can't because there aren't any. Do you have any idea how many people in this world would love to be where you are? You are nothing more than a selfish ingrate who seems dedicated to the financial destruction of our government. How long do you think we can exist with the continual spending of your kind? As usual, you seem to place all the blame on Bush for this fiscal crisis we face when you know, true and well, that this Ifadministration has outspent him. Bush deserves blame but why can't you be fair and self critical. Something must be done to correct our debt problem. Every common sense person, escept you can see that. One more thing, every doctor I have talked to is against Obamacare.How many have you talked to?

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      • I've got a good idea,, hows about everyone pay a flat tax, from the top to the bottom,, course that will never happen,,
        Hows about we line up all the politicians and ask them to compromise,, if they don't then shoot that one and then go to the next one,, you may have to shoot a few,, dam, we need to live back about a couple hundred years ago and you could get by with that shiet,, we would have lots of deals,,

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      • wow, rmcags, you have certainly been brainwashed. My god, how far down this road to ruin to you #$%$ from the left want us to go. You are an absolute lemming and a #$%$

    • and monkees will fly faster than pigs..............hey craig, do you click your heels together 3 times when you state lies in hopes they become truth? Your alternate universe simply doesn't jive with known facts...

    • Doc, stick to what you know, because its obvious you know nothing about current economic climate, especially when you boldly told everyone you get your news and bigoted views from Fox Noise.

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