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  • aceofbasefanatic aceofbasefanatic Nov 30, 2012 6:05 PM Flag

    Bush tax cut program need to expire.

    Everyone needs to pay more. lets go back to the the Clinton era. the rich and middle class should pay more, can we all agree to this. What was bush thinking when he gave everyone a tax break. my goodness, lets pay more.your getting free health care, what more do you want. too funny

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    • I for one am not happy about the 4 point jump,, what the hell did I do to deserve to get to pay more expect for having brains and work hard,, fair is fair, every one should have to pay and cut entitlements,, everyone can suffer,,

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      • First, consult a tax expert on whether you will actually have a tax increase, as you have been claiming that insurance companies and government programs have not be reimbursing you enough. 250K mark is probable net for single filers. Married mark is probably much higher. Consult a good tax advisor on this. And a good tax advisor should be able to find deductions and even loop holes to lower or negate any potential rate increases.

        Second, by the super rich paying less and less with more and more tax cuts, more loop holes, and more tax dodging by hiding money in foreign banks, like domestic corporations leaving money in foreign banks, like big oil companies still getting tax credits even though they are making obscene amounts of profits, like the super rich continue to benefit from pork, like the general public continue to be stuck with the fall outs of the 2008 financial crash with increased unemployment, increase need for government support in medicaid and food stamps, and banksters continuing to get indirect bailouts, leave the middle class shouldering ever more of the tax burden, as the super rich with their dream teams of lawyers and lobbyists dodge paying taxes.

        You voting for the Republican Party to help the truly rich to dodge ever more amounts of tax paying, leaves you to be saddled with ever more of the super rich share that they dodged. It is simple arithmetics. The more the super rich dodge, the more you get stuck with. The more the super rich take laughing to the Swiss and Cayman banks, the more you're left stuck with. These is an estimate that if the super rich, and the big corporations have to pay taxes on their Swiss, Cayman, and other foreign bank deposits, there will not be a government budget deficit (which means there will not be a need to return to a higher lever of tax rate to stop budget short falls resulting from previous tax rate lowering.) Not sure if this claim is accurate, but the super rich is fighting so hard to maintain their increased tax cuts of the last decade(s) that it must be a significant amount of tax cuts that got in the last decade, or they would not be fighting so hard if it were just peanuts.

        Unless you have been fooling us all along about how "little" you are getting reimbursed, it is questionable whether you will be paying much more taxes. Consult a good tax lawyer.

        It is like a couple of weeks ago some retired poster claims she is getting less than two hundred per month from her pension to add to a modest Social Security, and she claims she is paying a lot of taxes. She just don't ring true, unless she can show a tax calculation from a competent tax advisor, or a tax lawyer.

        Crying wolves prematurely just a turn off. Sounds like some hypochondriac.

    • the middle class should bend over and grab their ankles, every politician in Washington knows the rich don't pay taxes, even the president but he was able to fool the majority. got you, ha ha

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      • The president at least came from the modest middle class. Most of the super rich inherited from their parents. Even if the super rich are nice guys, which most are not, the super rich do not have the personal experience to do much to help the middle class, and the poor. It is a fact that most of today's super rich really hate the middle class labor unions, so that they feel no guilt in outsourcing middle class jobs. Many super rich are nasty oil barons, as the oil business in a tough and cutthroat business. These are not nice guys. Even when they try to pretend to be nice guys during election debates, they eventually said nasty things toward the middle and lower classes like they will but Big Bird. Nasty, nasty, nasty guys. These are guys one better bring good lawyers if one ever has dealings with them; otherwise, they will rip one off. Hey, it's business. Read the fine prints and hire a good lawyer, if you need to deal with these nasty cutthroat greedy money people.

    • Bush tax cuts for the rich need to expire. Bush tax cuts did not create more domestic jobs, but Bush created the 2008 Great Recession.

      This is no accident. Economic professor Ravi Batra wrote books on why Trickle Down economics of excessive tax cuts for the rich, coupled with excessive deregulation create great depressions and great recessions. When rich people get too much money via excessive tax cuts, they use the money to speculate, which create economic bubbles, which eventually burst, resulting in economic depressions. Excessive deregulation of course allowed the rich financiers to play with matches of super leveraged derivatives, which when these go bust, created a giant national and worldwide financial mess triggering off the 2008 Great Recession.

      Bush tax cuts for the rich created unfunded wars, started the major climb in the federal deficit. It was after 2003 during the Bush years, when gold prices started the exponential climb, as Bush tax cuts caused the money printing presses to go full blast to fund the tax-cuts-for-the-rich.

      The Republican economist B. Stein said that supply side economics have never been shown to work in actual life (although he votes Republican due to the life issue.) Not only the rich speculate with the extra money, but they use it to pay their lobbyists, and to buy votes to control Congress. They use it to force Republican Congressmen to sign pledges with their lobbyist, rather than working for the American people. The super rich use the money to go against the flunky Republican Congressmen, who don't toe the line to further the greed of the super rich, who don't give a shet of others in the modern version of "Let them eat cake.".

      The Bush tax cuts for the rich need to expire. The insatiable greed of the super rich needs to be stopped.