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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 4, 2012 12:15 PM Flag

    Why would the Republicans make a deal, they haven't in 4 years.

    Every single thing that President Obama has wanted the House Republicans to do, they have obstructed. They have fillibustered everything, stopping the appointment of federal judges in key roles. Now the Republicans own TAX CUT LAW, initiated by the Republicans and thier man BUSH is about to expire, according to the way THEY wrote it. President Obama worked with them once and extended it which brings us to this "fiscal speedbump". Now the Republicans have no ground to stand on, no power in this issue and yet they keep pretending they do. It was THEIR law, LOL. The silly GOP CONS here and everywhere can't push the blame for this onto the Democrats and our President, try as they might. There is no room for negotiations, these tax cuts along with 2 major wars costing billions over a ten year period that STILL haven't been paid for have ruined this country's economy. Once again, at the hands of the Republicans. It's absolutely hilarious how the GOP CONS now want a "compromise" and yet in 4 years they have absolutely refusted any compromise of any kind. Even the word was something John Boehner refused to say in an interview. Sorry GOP CONS, this is all on you now, so stop trying to skate away from it and point the finger at everyone ellse-that behavior is why you didn't win this election, the last election, and is why the tea bags running LOST. The AMERICAN PEOPLE and taxpayers voted, you lost, remember? WE THE PEOPLE know that if there is no compromise, it's ALL ON YOU CONS. It was YOUR BILL to F up, and as usual, you F'd it up just like you F'd up this country. STOP OBSTRUCING PROGRESS AMD SUCCESS.

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    • Danny, you keep on spouting nonsense. You just can't see the forest for the trees. Sad, sad, sad.......

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    • Beware of Republicans bearing gifts. Beware of the business old trick of Bait and Switch. Bohmner don't have enough power to represent all of the Republican House Congressmen. Cantor is a lead of the Republican Tea Party/Libertarian ultra Republican/Libertarian/Tea Party extremists House Congressmen, and not Bohmner.

    • Once Obama agreed to extend the Bush tax cut - and recall that he agreed it was not the right time to repeal them - he owned that issue as well.

      Obama has put the same budget deal on the table that the democrat Senate voted on. It got zero votes in favor. Not one democrat. The republicans came back with a proposal that was obviously DOA as well. The short term fix will be a compromise over both proposals.

      The republicans agree that we need more revenue. The $800 bn on the table is better then the 400 bn that they offered last Spring. The compromise will come around the cuts and how we get the $800 bn in revenue. Obama needs some tax increase on the rich for his constituency. So figure some tax increase less then a top rate of 39.6% and some limits on deductions and an increase in the capital gains rate to around 25%.

      I still go back to what I've been saying. Even the deals that are being talked about don't put a dent in the deficit. We need more revenue/cuts/growth and we are not being leveled with.

    • Danny , no deal is a great deal for the democrats. there will be no deal

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      • Why should they make a deal? The GOP who want to protect their wealthy investors don't want to raise the taxes on the rich and are holding the middle class hostage. I guess you missed it but President Obama WON again, and he ran partially on the platform to make the rich pay their share and stop scapegoating the middle class and poor. That trickle down crap and job creator crap was all a lie, as proven after 8 years of Bush's tax cuts to the so-called job creators---by time Bush left office this country was losing jobs by the millions and the economy totally tanked-sadly you guys never want to take responsibility for what you did, but the majority understood, That's why you guys can't win elections. Of course you now want to strangely turn this into something WE did, dude, it was YOUR LAW !!! LOL. Now it's our fault? Yeah ok, go back to that alternate world of the CONS where truth is false and lies get repeated until they almost seem real. LOL.