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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 4, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

    "Manic" GOP spinmeisters working overtime to redirect blame...

    The "never compromise" RepubliCON controlled house of representatives, the same GOP house that has had a policy of "never compromise' and holds the record for the most fillibustering in American history, is now attempting to cast blame on the Democrats and President Obama saying it is THEY who won't compromise???? Yeah OK. They are so desperate to preserve the tax cuts for their rich donors that they once again are refusing to compromise. The GOP CONS want to tax the middle class and believe their tax strategy under Bush actually works???? Hello, anybody home? Poor GOP CONS, it must be tough to be in a powerless position now after years of rubber stamping everything Bush put on the table and years of fillibustering(stopping, denying, not allowing it to come to a vote) everything President Obama put on the table, you now find that through your own tax cut law, you have painted yourself into a corner with no place to run and hide. I know the truth is painful, especially since you've spent years denying it, but the gig is up. The American People voted in a landslide majority to change all the crap you've screwed up. Please stop your obstruction. Thank you.

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    • "The American People voted in a landslide ........."

      Danny, you know that statement is not true. The American popular vote was close. Do you watch the news or do you just like making it up?

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      • Not only doesn't he get it, he seems to think that we elected a king and that the constitution is no longer relevanent. Also, if you ever look at his rants all he does is disparage people he disagrees with. You'll never see him make an intelligent, reasoned critique of why he doesn't agree with something or more importantly specifically what he does propose as solutions. Come to think of if Blue and Keep do the exact same thing, except Blue will give a biblical rationale for recreational drug use.

    • Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, NJ Danny...Do away with big business corporate welfare! Big huge industrial farms receive way too much off the middle class - also the huge oil companies who amke record profits yet pay no tax or recewive $$$ back form govt.. Do away with their over the top subsidies. We middle clas pay for them!

      Grandparents were farmers from the late 1800s. They raised crops in Northern CO - cooked for and housed migrant farmers seasonally. Worked very hard from before dawn till dark. They did not recieve govt. subsidies. Sold farm in 1945. All was Organic before there was a word for it. No genitically altered vegetables or additives to flour such as glutons. Too much these days with all the corruption of todays corporate farmers - subsidies by government paid for by our taxes. Farmers were self reliant and took the good with the bad in terms of weather and pests before.

      TARP was an enormous daunting corporate welfare for greedy Walll St. banks who let other banks go bankrupt all over the country then took them over thus obscenely growing even bigger! NO strings were attached to TARP for those greedy CEOs and managers of the huge banks. They are still doing their dirty business as usual. Tthey have NOT paid any penalties, gone to prison, or suffered these past ten years! They though still charge clents over the top usurus credit card fees, commissions, and rates for the not too bright Bush's bail out. We - not they are to pay it all back?! I was shoclked in 2008. No, They should pay! Obama was elected just after Bush's melt down. Obama took office Jan. 20, 2009.

      Medicare and Soc. Sec. are not entitlements. SS is not even part of the Fed. budget. We all pay into it. We paid for both big time! As a retired teacher in my state, I am forbidden to take my own paid for -earned Social Security. I paid 10% of salary each month into my teachers' pension. too. But, I am allowed only teacher's. Our repub. governors - several - tried to rob out teacher's state retirement $$$ by calling it the mafia!

      It's over due for big wage earners to pay more into SS. The limit of $110,000 far too little now. Make it 210,000. Tax their income certainly 14%. Incresse Cap. Gains TX.for them! Certainly GS, MS, Chase, and other CEOs who make over 29 million dollars could well afford to fork over SS dues based more in line with their salary though they just don't need it. Watch the budget line up then.

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    • Wish Obama could get this economy turned around just so Danny could get a job.

    • Where are your two allies......... the drug induced 'one with god' christian, and the self-appointed catholic saint & ymb stalking moderator ?

      : )

    • BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!