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  • corruptbusinesss corruptbusinesss Dec 4, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    Down on heavier than average volume

    Support is being broken again on the down side. ACTC is in jeopardy of losing its refinancing if the shares trade below .03. When we learned about the toxic financing we should have sold. Very hard to keep watching our investment being negatively impacted by a mistake done by a dead guy. It's amazing how in this country the courts penalize the innocent shareholders for the mistakes of a company CEO. We get screwed not just once but twice.

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    • Bought at 19 cents and held as I watch it go down and here we are at 6 cents. I don't think I'll ever have a worse investment than this. If this is not a scam than what is.

    • Don't think that this is a true indicator of future direction for the Company as I believe it is not. In support of my belief one only needs to monitor the irratic behavior of the bid/ask volumes associated with daily ACTC trading. To illustrate, several times during today's trading I noted over 1 million shares bid at a price of $0.06 vs. an ask of $0.065 on 445,000 shares offered. Two minutes later, with two thousand shares actually traded, the bid volume droped to 10,000 shares and the offered shares dropped to 44,000 setting the stage for the next trade to be on a down tick. This is what goes on every day with ACTC by the day trading manipulators and crazies totally against any type of stem cell science succeeding. I agree with larsondaviss post that states once the pending litigation suits are resolved, the stock will pop a bit and the reverse split will take place. This event followed by some positive success news with the program will put us on our way to higher valuations for the Company in the market place.

    • If they can get the last suits settled it would be huge. Right now it's a big raincloud following us around. And new lows on heavy volume sucks! It looks like one more toilet flush of the longs before the suit is over and done with.

    • One of the most painful long term holdings ever.