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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 6, 2012 2:44 PM Flag

    President Romney to be sworn in January 20, 2013. GOP's please RSVP.

    With all that billionaire cash that sure to keep flowing, the inaugural ball is sure to be a hum-dinger. Murdock, Rove, Roger Ailes, The Koch Brothers all the heads of Wall Street, The Donald among many many others. The most impressive will be the celebrities that will be there. Patricia Heaton(Everybody Love Raymond) will be there to talk about Abortion and "what god wants" as well as her boob job and tummy tuck, L.L. Cool Jay and James Earl Jones will be giving a short speech about what the Republican party has done for them, Adam Sandler will discuss why he thinks he's funny, Ben Stein will be there to talk so people can run out for a cigarette, Don King will talk about why he is rich and his fighter are broke, Sammy Hagar will tell you who he used to be, Meatloaf will be attempting to sing again, Kelsey Grammer will be there with the current "love of my life", Mel Gibson will be there yelling at the Koch Brothers, Clint Eastwood is going to arrange the chairs, and a few honorable mentions--Dean Cain, Bo Derek, Heather Locklear, Gloria Estefan, Rick Shroder, Robert Duval, The Rock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scott Baio, Tony Danza, Mary Lou Retton, Shannen Doherty, Sylvester Stallone, Bruck Willis and Chuck Norris----will all be discussing the good ol' days and will do a choral arrangement of "The Way We Were". Entertainment will be 50 cent and Alice Cooper. It's sure to be the hit of the decade.

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    • Hey "deeppockets", we've found that many people who use online I.D.s such as yours are actually expressing an alter ego, in other words someone they really want to be but are not...You know, like "fighterpilot" and "mothertheresa" etc. I know you try to portray yourself as some big time investor with loads of money, but if that were the case, would you really be on a blog all day long? I know a lot of truly wealthy people, ones with all kinds of investments, capital, businesses and possessions and the last place you'll find them is spending their days on a blog. They are simply too busy getting things done. So come on, who are you really? Just a small time person like many of us, who took a chance on some fast cash in a stock that was supposed to zoom into the sky, but hasn't yet. You come here day after day, in hopes you'll see signs that your little investment is moving upward-but you dare not reveal that you are a little player, not the big cheese "deeppockets" your alter ego I.D. would lead us to believe. Don't worry, unless your bud bearclawe cuts and pastes this part of what I say, most people will never know your secret, or care.

    • how much in capital gains will Danny BOY pay on his ACTC ZEROOOOOOOOOO LMAO