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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 6, 2012 6:29 PM Flag

    Say it ain't so. another conservative TEA BAG, Jim DeMint QUITS !!!!

    I guess he's been dunked by the GOP CONS one too many times and has decided to quit. He'll leave in January to go head the "Heritage Foundation", a group similar to "Cocoon' but minus the youth invigorating pool and basic fun.

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    • I think the CONS missed this yesterday and it annoys them when I respond to my own posts so here, just for you CONS, my response to my own post....READ IT and WEEP..

    • I guess DeMint feels why spread hate for $174,000 a year when I can make over $1 MILLION to spread hate and insanity? You go Jim. No really, just GO.

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      • NJ Danny... Demint gets $1.8 million per year from Cons. Heritage (think tank here = big timeoxymoron..loo.) I read that he received $ 8 million for his joining...absolutely, an offer he couldn't refuse ... Who would? Perhaps Mitt or Cheney or GW would not. They don't need it. Have plenty of billions $$$ for their dynasties to continue with. Best...

        (God Bless America this Dec. 7th. A cousin of mine was wounded by Japanese air fire; yet survived the attack at Pearl Harbor. He and millions of of other Americans went on to take the Islands of Saipan, Okinawa, etc... across the Pacific and Europe. He just passed away a couple of years ago in his 90s. Many, cousins, fathers, uncles of my family fought in that horrendous wa - Pacific and European theaters. Yes, were called and gladly served their/our country.) Best...

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