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  • carrollcountryman02 carrollcountryman02 Dec 6, 2012 8:43 PM Flag

    Shareholders, please call Tel: (310) 576 0611 and leave a message for Gary


    I have filed grievance papers with the SEC, however, those grievance issues relate to specific allowances granted TO Gary, BY Gary.

    Please, all of the longs on this board need to call and leave Gary a message. You see, no one answers the phone...not even a receptionist. So, when you get the recording, please leave a polite message and ask for:

    1. an explanation as to the 40% pps decrease in the prior 4 months in the face of positive news. IF there is no news relevant to the sell off in the clinics, he needs to put it in writing. Are the doctor's selling?????
    2. why Gary has not posted a recent Chairmans blog as promised
    3. what is the chance of a BK filing if the court cases are resolved in worst case scenario. NO DEBT is not insurance of safety from a BK filing
    4. Can Gary distance himself from these past deals, especially since he acted as CFO? Easy to blame a dead man, but, Gary was there too. Is there conflict with the Caldwell estate causing a slow bleed of all the estate shares in an attempt to ruin the company?

    Please call Tel: (310) 576 0611. Yes, you can make a difference and compel Gary to tell the truth. I will be filing a formal deposition shortly and will update the board, as allowed.

    I hope that the answering machine is full by mid day tomorrow. BTW, Gary is not listed as an option in the directory...gee, hot shot Gary. Pretty funny, a shareholder can get through to Jamie Dimon, but, not to Gary Rabin. Too F'in funny!

    Sentiment: Hold

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Another disgruntled shareholder HMMMM. Maybe you should sell your SHARE and move on HMMMM. Then it's settled sell right away. GOODBYE............................................................

      Sentiment: Buy

    • crybaby ! Remember what Fighterpilot has said , time and time again ! Diversify and eat lots of donuts ! And if that does not work? Talk to the canary !!

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      • Re: Are there really this many posters/id's bashing...??
        By mothertheresa66, 21-Mar-12 12:14 pm
        Who is bashing? Who is pumping? I have done? NEITHER

        MOTHER says?
        BY mothertheresa66, 21-Mar-12 04:35 pm
        9 sense better than 0 sense... so MOTHER is loading up the truck tomorrow... next stop?
        JUPITER and beyond ........SKY is the LIMIT at this price and if do not buy? You will get SHUT OUT !!...

        Re: actc going to 10.00 imho
        By mothertheresa66, 24-Jul-12 06:46 pm
        IMHO? $250

        i am not FIGHTERPILOT or AL_THE_PROFIT but here goes my prediction for ACTC :
        By mothertheresa66.Nov 21, 2012 12:18 PM
        Dec 1 , 2012 6 cents
        Jan 1 , 2013 7 cents
        Feb 1 , 2013 8 cents
        Mar 1 , 2013 10 cents
        April 1 , 2013 14 cents
        May 1 , 2013 25 cents
        June 1 , 2013 75 cents
        July 1 , 2013 95 cents
        Aug 1 , 2013 99 cents
        Sept 1 2013 ? Great news !! $62.22 !! Finally ! TO DA MOON !!!!

        The greatest discovery in biotechnology is only months away .....
        by mothertheresa66.Nov 21, 2012 12:59 PM
        in Sept 2013 ....... we are going to DA MOON !!! Get your tickets now !! Do not delay !!

        : ) Wishing YOU good mental health !

    • bend over hahaha