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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Dec 6, 2012 9:34 PM Flag

    Karl Rove and Jim DeMint to cross swords, the GOP implosion is getting hot !!

    Jim DeMint, who helped uneseat his party's moderate GOP leaders with Tea Bag nutjobs like Marco Rubio, Rand Paul(racist) and losers like Christine((I am not a witch) O'Donnell, Todd (legitimate rape) Akin, and Richard (rape pregancy is god's intention) Murdoch has left Congress to command the "Heritage Foundation" A bunch of rich old white men hell bent on taking over the planet and making it conservative. MEANWHILE, Karl Rove has decided to up the ante for the moderate side of the party and will seek to destroy Jim DeMitts conservative Tea Bags as he places them in the running for office. OH THIS IS GOING TO GET GOOD !!!!

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    • Rumor has it that Demint and Rubio as his side kick in 16,, now would'nt that make your butt pucker,, and by then most will have the shiets with Odumbo's policies, because they still won't have a dam job,, no, whats going to be good is the next 3 weeks to see if all those dumb bas*tar*ds will lets us fall,, this will seperate the men from the boy's,,

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    • Yes Danny, the tea is about to be spilled. I really do think that the republican party no longer will exist. It appears that several parties will emerge from this outdated and super wing bat party. This is a very interesting time for the repuks as they destroy themselves. The people that will lose the most from this event will be the 1% and they deserve it. They got piggy and wanted all the wealth and now they will be forced to share the wealth. Oh my gosh that must be socialism in the making