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  • meth807 meth807 Dec 10, 2012 2:23 PM Flag

    1st to cure with stem cells - Why isnt it skyrocketing

    I don't understand this stock. Actc is the first company to treat a previously untreatable disease using stem ell technology. This is groundbreaking history in the making. The test are showing promising results, and the market potential is astronomical. I don't care what their past and currrent financial situation is...their future potential is explosive enough for me to be quite forgiving. They are just trying to get by until this treatment hits the fan and changes the medical world forever. Why don't more people see it this way? This should already be a 5 dollar stock without the reverse split. The blind aren't the patients that they are treating. The investors that keep overlooking and underestimating this stock are the blind ones. I'm all in!

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    • Because insider are controlling and they want this stock go to one cents for few months or revise splite from one cents then they waiting until everyone sell out all the shares before they will buying back in lowest price when ever.

    • There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor.Do not attempt to adjust the picture.We are controlling transmission.We will control the bid.We will control the ask.We can roll the trend, make it flutter.We can change the trend focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.Sit quietly, and we will control all that you see.We repeat: There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor. You are participating in a great adventure.You are experiencing the awe and mystery which reaches from your non-counterintuitive mind to the outer limits.

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    • Meth, maybe meth is giving you a false sense of hysteria and positivity, most of us who've been invested for a while know that feeling well but we've been beaten into submission lately....I try to keep reminding myself "Patience Patience.......but I'd like to hear more good news from the Patients Patients......

    • The crooks who got millions of shares for virtually nothing are unloading them now to take advantage of the lower cap gains tax rate this year. Look for this to continue until they are done.

    • Meth, its quite simply why the share price is so low, they still have no cure, or revenues either, and thus are paying their bills via selling shares of the company.

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      • I say you know nothing about the trial results to date, except what hype comes from GR to keep the pps from going sub-penny. The ONLY thing you know for sure, is back in January, the first two patients said they had visual improvement after 10-weeks, and that the 100K injection showed zero improvement according to the patient (Maurie), and that there are no reported safety issues. You do not know, of the 13 patients, which of them (still, or ever) show improvement or attachment. Not just 3, but 13 patients, a breakdown if you will. All you know since January, is very vague hype, for GR and Lanza, with zero specifics. If it weren't for Mauies blog, we wouldn't even know that her 100K injection didn't help her.

      • It's what they do.