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  • mruyog mruyog Dec 12, 2012 9:59 AM Flag

    This Stock Has Hit The Bottom

    and must begin its uptrend soon.

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    • I told you guys two day back!!! "Karen", your pessimism needs a review!

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      • Live and learn mruyog
        actc has these small spikes that ALWAYS last less than one day
        the following day the pps is lower than where it was before the spike
        anyone want to argue the point? east to see on the chart, using the yahoo actc Headlines
        I bet Lanza dumped today. There was an early sell of around 1mm shares for $.06
        As I said before, the application for the IND means little, it's the FDA approval of the application that signals confidence to the ventures

    • Yeah, the reality is that this is toast. It's still a good story stock but the lack of trial news makes me suspicious. You're talking sub-penny within a year.

    • Mruyong in the end either it will work or it won't. If it does (and it should) we will do just fine sans dilution. We are lucky in that the results will be clear cut, which means we may very well see proof positive results come July. Until then there will not be much in the way of substantive news unless it leaks out.


    • Unless there is news that is very major and positive we can go much lower depending on when the last law suit is settled and how fast the awarded shares will get dumped. Worse case is the low price could affect financing which could bankrupt the company. But that's what is contributing to the low share price. I'm sure Gary and BOD are counting on having the ability to stay afloat long enough for the science to bring enough value in whatever form so the company can survive the last settlement and dumping of shares. Then we all hope that ACTC will at long last see value added over time.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I see this:

        1. No R/S as I've said all year because NASDAQ won't approve, forget position of strength which is so far away it's too loony to consider.

        2. Early 2013 phone call to Caldwell estate. Convincing the family that a R/S is necessary to avoid bankruptcy. Lanza will be on board, no other choice. If Caldwell approves.....

        3. Vote for R/S NOT contingent on uplisting. Retails will vote no, but won't matter as they have zero say in every vote. It's up to the insiders 100% of the time as we've seen with EVERY previous vote.

        4. Once the R/S is done, there will be another vote to authorize additional shares to pay law suits, debts, SEC fine if there is one, management free share packages, etc.

        Regardless of what Rabin says about Lincoln, and whatever other shady deals that come down the pike. Dilution is how companies like actc survive, and it's how early investors lose 99% over time. This assumes no large buyout. I could be fooled: some large pharma could buy actc while it's still in phase I,,,,,but with no previous FDA approved drugs or therapies, and zero revenues, a buyout like that just does not happen.

      • Yes, but that has been already accounted for in the current fall in price from 8 cents to almost 5 cents, a substantial reduction, notwithstanding any dilution due to the Lincoln Park deal, which, in fact, is a positive thing since it helps raise more cash for the company past the six-month reserve it has now. Also, if the results of the third cohorts for the trials come out favorable (in most likelihood those will be), the effect of dilution due to the last lawsuit, if any, would be wiped out. Further down the road, investors will see and the company will get some solid attention from large pharmas for a possible takeover if Ph II ends well in July 2013. Yes, it's still "if"; but, I am sure, that will be the scenario. Of course, you have your right to believe what you think is going to happen. It's truly a question of seeing if the glass is half full or half empty!!

      • Battle of hope vs fear is what drives the market. So, buy the fear and sell the cheer. Never buy a spike in a penny. Look at the APDN chart today. High volume and many buyers coming in. If you were not in before today you are too late. ACTC today is a real risk and nobody seems to want it. The last time it spiked every body wanted it. Sold some APDN today and didn't get the best price but lightened up a little. If I get the chance to lighten up here I will. If it goes down to the 4s I may buy some more.

      • I thought I was being rather kind to the initial poster. YOU ALL KNOW that I could have listed ten red flags showing why actc is where it is, and why it will go much lower. WHENEVER I do so, the threads stops, and someone else bails out. The reason the thread stops, is that the baggies don't want it to be an active thread lest some newer invest learn a thing or two about the real actc.

    • So precious, so innocent......