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  • notthatflop notthatflop Dec 13, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

    FP, the MB Peacock

    Is there anyone else on this MB that likes to brag on an hourly basis about their accomplishments, how they are a saint and help all the unfortunate souls (then writes they are too stupid / lazy / dumb to make changes) and only with his saintly help survive?

    It is a Peacock psychosis, absolute inability to not keep posting inane accounts of his daily donut eating, saintly behavior and absolute no fail stock buying advice.

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    • More self adoration by the Peacock, donut eating, boasting about stocks and picking on another MB member, the qualities of the Peacock.

      What is important ??
      by fighterpilot . 54 minutes ago . Permalink
      For the Canary my donuts and my boasting, I hope for others my lavish AWF dividend coming up in three days.

      This separates idiots from smart folks.

      Just saying

    • Not, are you needy of publicity?

    • Yeah, I'm patiently waiting for the sequel to his infamous ' Below .20 ' post .................

      Below .20
      By FIGHTERPILOT . 1 year 4 months ago . Permalink
      Those times are gone and below .30 will not last that much longer. NO BRAINER Anticipation alone will drive the SP higher. Anticipation of a game changer. Just picture this: With every patient, results can be seen in a short time, if the results are positive, overwhelming evidence will accumulate rapidly and lead to FDA approval speed you never have seen before. These are open trials !!!!!! Open trials with results under a microscope. Compare with seeds in your garden, when the plant breaks through the soil and is growing to your favorite vegetable you have with your steak, only totally derailed bashers, super idiots, like the ones we have on this MB, will call this a failure. Bashers are toast !!!! No Brainer !!!!!

      AND his narcissist semi-autobiographical novel ....................

      Re: What a great day
      By fighterpilot, 17-Apr-12 01:03 pm
      keep let me ask you a question What do you not understand on such a simple story. There is this FIGHTERPILOT from Germany, smart and good looking. He marries into a vast fortune of oil, farming and banking and he becomes an investor after he retires from the military. Are you really THAT stupid to understand such a simple story which as I have stated before was featured in an old Playboy Magazine, which is right here in my desk.

      Re: The rare bird
      By fighterpilot, 7-May-12 09:37 am
      Deme you know my German background in intelligence. It was my area of expertise, I have explained the situation to so many friends, but the last thing a lot of those folks like to do, is to listen to those who are experts in a certain field. They rather hear what they like to hear and there are plenty who want to get elected or sell their paper.

      Re: hey fighterpileit...
      By fighterpilot, 27-May-12 02:41 pm
      Well you got at least a few things right and yes we had Colorado Air Force Academy graduates in my glass from the top 4 % due to the fact that after graduation only top fighter assignments were handed out due to German stipulation which had a different transport pilot program and demanded the highest standards for the one million Dollar, they paid for the T 37 T 38 training. The planes belonged to the German Airforce with American flag. I got my American wings and my German wings after this program in Sheppard AFB which I completed as best in my class. Another year of training in Luke AFB on the Starfighter followed, which I finished as the top gun. From there back to Germany for additional weather training and two years of combat ready training with a graduate of the American war college and FP in my German squadron. Test pilot , Instructor, and operational command over American pilots might look to you as missing equivalent qualifications. Well , not to me, and I have double citizenship for your information. A dream life which many do not have, but they have a computer and a YAHOO MB to spread their envy and #$%$. And "Yes" I married an exceptional pretty and rich American girl. And this was just the tip of the iceberg for my great life I had so far. Too bad that we have so many losers on this MB, too bad that so many left for this reason. Now all the best to you. The sun is shining in San Diego.Maybe you know this better too.:-:-)

      : )

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      • Re: Yeah, I'm patiently waiting for the sequel to his infamous ' Below .20 ' post .................

        fighterpilot • Apr 14, 2014 1:38 PM
        Oh and by the way this will be my last post until we have the peer reviewed paper and see how the market reacts.


        The time that has passed by is sufficient. It is time to prophesy again .


      • Re: By fighterpilot, 27-May-12 02:41 pm
        Well you got at least a few things right ......

        I'd like to witness an aviator dogfight between fighterpilot VS jsmitty128..........

        jsmitty128 • Oct 23, 2014 6 hours ago
        "Financial guru, marine fighter pilot, and now pharmaceutical entrepreneur? "?? Karly, you make it sound as if this is so "unusual" or unique or something? 1) GO TO COLLEGE ROTC SCHOLARSHIP. 2) GRADUATE age 21 and enter Marine Corps. Complete flight school Pensacola and Beeville get wings, complete training at Whidbey Island, fly for 8 plus years, including combat tour 3) Leave Corps by choice. Enter FREE MARKET and use engineering degree(s) plural to work in a large variety of tech/engineering/mgt roles in a variety of industries, one of which includes what would be deemed "medical", not "pharma". 4) One company pays for MBA along the way, $50K worth of education, so why not take it? So complete an MBA which gives good background in "financials" and also allows upward track into more Sr. Mgt. positions. END OF STORY. I know many, many former active duty pilots (Corps, Navy, even Air Force) who hold tech degrees and did the same. I also know many who went into "consulting" such as Pentagon work or "think tank" depending on their degree, some are in computer sci, some are still flying- for major airlines to being "bush" pilots in remote areas to chopper pilots who now fly medi-vac for hospitals or local governments (guy I grew up with right down my block- went Navy, went to sub school, changed mind, went to flight school choppers, retired at 20 yrs Lt Commander, now flies medi-vac out of Colorado- same age as me, same war as me, missed each other in flight school by about one year), to guy's/gals who left the service as aviators and now own small businesses or are stock brokers or who sell insurance- I know a former A-6 driver who's now a fitness trainer, he's as ripped as when I knew him way back in the day, "fitness" is his gig and he sells Real Estate in Vegas on the side for cash flow. What the H is so "unusual" about any of that? What do you think real people do in the real freaking world?

        : )

      • Re: Will the JV with ROCHE be announced this weekend?
        by FIGHTERPILOT.May 19, 2012 12:21 PM.Permalink

        You guys for sure like to have unrealistic dreams which get us nowhere.

        But what will us get us somewhere are results from the 100 000 cell injection which match the rat study results.

        If they do, the rest will fall in place. Don't even worry about all the other possible good news.

        They all are part of this dosing and results picture.

        You can compare this with the testing of a new supersonic plane. You break the speed of sound. GREAT, you accelerate through twice the speed of sound, FANTASTIC you bust right through three time the speed of sound, UNBELIEVABLE FAST and then you push the throttle all the way to the firewall and yell: LETS GO, LETS FLY REAL FAST NOW

        Coming back , you make your safety statement as if nothing special happened.

        VERY COOL

        Oh well, I only flew 2.5 Mach :-) :-) :-)

    • Just when you think he couldn’t get anymore narcissistic…….here comes more self love by FP

      Re: Re: Re: Re: Supporting a US Nanny state
      by fighterpilot . 2 minutes 25 seconds ago . Permalink
      maril, one of the constant reminders of my wife is that she says, people have a hard time understanding you, because nobody is as helpful, honest and giving as you. I am not kidding.

      Creeps and hypocrites always apply their own standards to others.

      It is often painful to me, but I rather have this pain than change my way. Those who see it the right way, are my best reward by giving me their unconditional trust. I am not investing others peoples money and so I am talking only about the trust in daily living and working together.

      It feels good to be trusted.

      It is a delight to live that way.