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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Dec 27, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

    Never let a Crisis go to waste...

    ...And if you don't have a crisis, CREATE ONE. That is exactly what the "fiscal cliff" is, a created crisis. Dems are masters of disasters and purveyors of panic, fear and man made crises and fiscal cliffs. If only Cliff hanger Harry will tell America the truth about how many solutions to America's problems he stuffed down his magic underwear. This is exactly the same way the healthcare bill was passed via "crisis management" on a snow crippled Christmas eve, by another cliff hanger Nancy.

    Just yesterday, another cliff hanger Timothy emerged with yet another cliff....debt ceiling, which will be reached on Dec 31, 2012 instead of February of 2013. This is a pattern of "sweating" the American people. This is their MO. Until American stiffens its spine and reject this chicanery, it will be the "new norm" of governance by the dems. Cliff hanger Harry is going about telling tales and spreading fairy dusts, with magic underwear chock-full of bills and legislation that offer genuine solutions to America's problem.

    This is dishonesty of the worst caliber and has to stop. Because they can't govern doesn't mean they have to create crises for all Americans. A bipartisan compromise to address our fiscal problems and job creation was reached in August of 2011. So why does it always have to be a last minute scramble for dems to do We the people's job. Lack of planning on their part doesn't have to be America's emergency.

    Cliff hanger Harry and is democrat controlled senate have not passed a budget in FOUR YEARS...this is a dem made crisis, even though "state controlled" media is not reporting these "cliffhangers" Mean while "cliffhanger" super hero "Bam" is waiting in the wings to swoop in and scoops America as it hurtles toward the bottom of the cliff. It is a crying shame that these jokers should keep playing these sick games with the lives of hard working Americans, and with a straight face tell us they are working for we the people? The end game is the MIDDLE CLASS...this is where the money is, MORE REVENUE is in the middle. Forget the 1% talk, there is not enough "revenue" aka taxes, there to make a dent in our fiscal woes. The BIG MONEY(revenue) is in the middle.

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    • "The end game is the MIDDLE CLASS...this is where the money is, MORE REVENUE is in the middle. Forget the 1% talk, there is not enough "revenue" aka taxes, there to make a dent in our fiscal woes. The BIG MONEY(revenue) is in the middle"

      I told you so....nuff said. It is all about the middle. LIE the middle class out of their money and turn them into "handout Zombies"

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      • "The end game is the MIDDLE CLASS...this is where the money is, MORE REVENUE is in the middle."

        I told ya..... 21 New taxes about to kick in, come Jan. 01, 2014. The bitter lesson for America will soon be in session, thanks to the low info, brain washed handout zombies, "yes we won"?. The drivers of this economy is in the middle, and progs are about to squeeze them further. When the middle can no longer hold...."things fall apart, and we are no longer at ease".

        But I TRUST the WORD and We the people to right this rudderless ship, called America, driven by progs and America haters.....I pray.

    • Typical republican tactic take the worst thing you are doing and accuse the other side of doing it.Dumb #$%$ we are on to republican Carl rove tactics.HAVENT YOU REALIZED YOU LOST THE ELECTION .The American people are on to your bs.tHE 1% HAVE BEEN PAYING HISTORICALLY LOW TAX RATES.Everyone knows the truth go peddle your bs somewhere else.Bus driver pays 20 plus percent on 40k Romney 13% on 20 million.The cats out of the bag loser..

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      • I didn't know that Kule ayde could be intoxicating, but the proof is compelling. You forget that Gove Romney paid his taxes according to the tax rules on the books. The same rule Buffet cooks with in Your bus driver pays like Warren Buffett's secretary...more than Buffett pays. But you will not mention that TRUTH, I wonder why?

        Change the tax rules, like in a flat tax, and all will pay "their fair share", according to their worth. For example, a flat 10% tax on a million $ income is more than a flat 10% tax on a $40k income, got it? If you have any fiscal acumen, you would support a FLAT TAX system, no matter the % rate.

        Does your preacher know you are posting AGAIN?.....bwahahahaha. I wonder what story you will concoct this time. Obsession and paranoia always get the upper hand of dependants, you know!

    • Fraud man - are you fascinated with men's underwear these days? I can't recall you going to those 'depths' with Mitt's under garments. Oh, how you continue to amuse.

    • Well they can't make up their minds and all are not willing to work for compromise,, so, one solution would be to line all the politicians, starting at the top, and one by one line them up on a cliff and ask each one individually if they can compromise and if they can't, throw that one off the cliff and then go to the next one,, I bet after a couple are dumped, then they would be more than willing to come to a compromise and do the work of the people,, jsut an idea that I knoe would work,, unfortunately,, we can't do that, so, does anyone have another idea that would put the fear of God into them,,

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      • The dems are not interested in compromise nor are they intersted that America has a spending problem instead of the revenue problem they are dishonestly touting and blaming the "1%". America spends a whopping $11 BILLION every day. The bulk of this money is for "entitlements" and the remender for the military. I don't mind triming the military. Bringing back and withdrawing our forces from every nook and crany of the world will be a good trim. Those who will feel safe because of our presence, have to pay a sunstantial portion of that cost, imo.

        Giving money to assuage purveyors of death to Americans has to stop. Their oil rich brethren can help those who are only desert sand rich. The Democratic contolled senate has not passed a budget in FOUR YEARS. So what do Cliffhanger Harry and company stand for...aaah, I forgot, they want to fundamentally transform America. Overwhelm the system and structure from withing to collapsing on itself. Then replace it with enslaving the 99%. Ironically our "law makers" are in the 1% bracket, nice, huh?

        Tax and spend is not good gorvenance! Even stupidity and ignorance has its limits before it starts to hurt. America is fast approaching the hurt phase, 4 years of it...yes we won!

      • What in the world does this nonsense have to do with ACT?