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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Dec 28, 2012 11:28 PM Flag

    The loony left is just as loony as ultra right wing religious #$%$ who think the Earth is only 6,000 years old.


    I have tried to debate the 6,000 year #$%$ with scientific facts but to no avail. Fact and logic doesn't work. Face it. You can't baffle ideologues with facts. Facts don't faze them. Most of the far left and far right are brain dead ignoramuses, poorly educated and never informed. It doesn't mean they are stupid. My wife has a cousin with a PhD who can't view any other ideas but her ideology. They all blindly follow their ideological masters.

    For example, John Kerry avoids taxes, it's a fact, and the left loves him but if a conservative does the same thing the left hates him. Europe is drowning under massive unfunded social programs but the loons can't draw a parallel to the massive debt the Dear Leader is racking up.

    My take? Ideologues are #$%$. Watching the loony left make up feeble excuses everyday for the inexcusable proves my point.

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