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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Jan 1, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    O/T Food for thought

    Happy New year to ALL, despite our differences and short comings. That said, How many Dogs, Cats, Bears, Coyotes, Raccoons, Deers, from the wild come in to the ER of a Vet. hospital, c/o flu symptoms, let alone get flu shots? I wonder how many die each year from complications from the flu?

    Forget about wild animals for a moment, how about humans in other parts of the world, say Africa for example, what is the annual mortality rate from influenza? With limited pecuniary and medical resources, how many die from "flu seasons" in Africa? What is the correlation between no flu shots in general and mortality rate in those parts of the world, in comparison to the USA?

    Before too long, "BENGHAZI FLU" will be a "real influenza" and we'll be needing shots for that too. My point is, I have grown "children", who now have their own children. From birth to their adult years, my wife and I spent VERY LITTLE or no time post partum, in hospitals or clinics treating children with common colds, etc. I have always used a common sense approach to my clan's health care management.

    The general GOOD health of my family is proof, of NO GOVERNMENT intervention, no flu shot hysteria. Proof of GOOD HEALTH from a common sense approach, and this is coming from "Capitalist University trained dokter"

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    • Hi FraudZ, interesting that you bring this up. Raising my children with good healthy foods kept then very healthy. They were rarly ever sick and if they came down with something I treated them. I did not even keep a family doctors number. I don't really know how much difference this made but, I grew my own gardens which supplied us with fresh grown vegetables. I also canned our own food. I made our fruit preserves and froze fruit from my trees. It was a lot of work and it was also very gratifying. The food not only tasted better than what could be bought in a store but you also knew what was in it and how it was packaged. If our local doctors were depending on my family to make a living they would have been broke. The only stitches given were to wounds on the face of my youngest son twice and my daughter broke her leg. Those rare flu's or cold were treated by doctor Mom! Lol

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      • Marilee, Aaah, you are also a Hamburrger University trained dokter, No wonder why America is in such a pickle. Common sense has been systematically bred out of our consciousness for a reason. Healthcare is one of such reasons, imho.

        Even our currency tells us whom to trust...What a coincidence, or is it? Do we listen or apply conscious reasoning? NO. We have been systematically bred to remain unconscious and to depend on a "dear leader" and his elite machine. We wonder why the general decay in our values, shootings everywhere, with kids killing parents. I contend it is NO COINCIDENCE, and guns have nothing to do with it....Confirm this in Matthew 10:21 in CHRIST's own words.

        Remember my post and links about population control and "sustainabilty", when Turner said the earth is over populated by 5 BILLION people? Connect the dots to the "sub-population" vs the "prime population" classification in our new healthcare program, and you'd see where we are headed. Again, coincidence, hmmmmmm? Your family and mine and a few others get it. We are responsible for the consequences of our actions and decisions. We are what and how we eat, period.

        Abraham, Moses, Noah, etc didn't have healthcare programs, but they lived very long lives. Can the jug heads tell us if Abraham, Moses, Noah et. al, took flu shots to live that long?.....of course they didn't have influenza then, R-I-G-H-T!....bwahahahaha.

      • sjohn290 Jan 1, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

        Marilee, the country need millions more with your sensibility! It is estimated that 92% of ALL diseases are preventable via diet and life style.