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  • longee longee Jan 3, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    the poster/basher karenlupa


    is trying to paint a horrible picture so that either you won't buy or you will sell your shares, because that paid basher either needs more shares before the partnership is announced or is shorting the stock. Fact is the trials are safe and the efficacy has been demonstrated. 90 % of the lawsuits are gone and the sec 's case is weak at best. The co now has 13 million to draw down on and another 35 million at their disposal, without harming the co. A partner will buy in and it will be for big dollars, mid 2013 the first stage trials will be over and the orphan drug status is what will kick in for a jump to compassionate use and for a jump to phase 3. Large pharma's cannot wait too much longer because of the 9 million in the bank and the second and third access to large bucks, as the buy in price will be too much for them. So sit tight and watch the fireworks as they occur. My guess is the eternal blood supply ind fda approval will be a week or two. Bear in mind this phase one will only take a month or so. It either works or it doesn't, it will be clear very quick. The nature of that type of testing is quick. I would imagine with all the 200 or so companies going after the stem cell market , the crown jewel in their hat , even bigger than the amd and smd is the ability to supply embryonic stem cells without destroying the embryo. Everyone will have to pay royalties, and they own a seriously comprehensive patent on it. That is the ticket. With or without the reverse split!

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