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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 8, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    I've been watching for well over a year and would like some solid thoughts?

    Lars, I've enjoyed reading your posts. I've been waiting. This makes me smile cautiously. If they dump, how quick will the stock go down?

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    • Thank you! The news was extremely good today & better then any of us thought it would be. We now know the science is solid and trials will be done on time by July 4th. At .08c the stock is simply a steal. They have two other areas where they are going to make a lot of money. I did a breakdown of the blood program in December and came out with a value of $3/share just for that and only for USA sales. The AMD treatment is worth $3-$6, with the $3 number based on capturing 10% of the potential patient base each year. Then their is our ability to create unlimited PURE stem cells from one 8 cell amoeba. I assume that is worth $3 also though there is no market yet to base it on. So you have a stock selling on the news today-as all stocks do and it is a great opportunity to add to a position with the knowledge that the science is for real.


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    • Last time I was in actc was when it was trading as low as .017 around 2005 or so. Stock price would periodically jump up to .06 to .08 for no reason and fall just as fast as it went up. Did this several times before it broke out to around .30. Hard to tell if it's gonna react the same way nowadays. They've made some clinical progress, but all in all they look a lot like they did 7 years ago, except they have way more shares. So, your guess is as good as anyone elses.