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  • travpsu1 travpsu1 Jan 8, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    for those looking at the chart

    If this has any hope of going to 20 cents again in january it has to hold todays close of .082 tomorrow, i remember 2 years ago when this first popped from .o45 to 20 cents, after the initial pop from the first two days it pulled back to form a 3 day period of lower highs and higher lows before ripping higher into the doulbe digits and eventually 20 cents. The term for this is a bullish flag which sort of looks like a pennant. However, if this drops into the .07s tomorrow that will not happen and expect this to just base for months between 7 and 9 cents. I mean ultimatly if your a long investor and believe in this lottery ticket and the therapy than this means nothing because your going to hold through thick and thin, but lets face it, it usually for some reason does the january pop, and if no real unbelievable news comes out, even if it hits 20 -25 cents it will go back down to single digits until approval or real results.

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