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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jan 13, 2013 8:17 PM Flag

    Wondering when we'll hear from Maurie Hill again

    If not this month, then when?

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    • Get Maurie out of mind. There is no more story here, with her and her past treatment. Maurie was treated a long time ago. If there were results to have been had with her, she would've had them by now. The disease is simply too late-stage for the treatment to have an impact. That's why she was chosen as a first patient - because they were doing safety tests. And it was an immense success. No safety issues.

      The real story is going to happen when we have earlier stage patients being treated. Until then, keep Maurie in your thoughts - we obviously would love to see her vision return, but don't expect results from her past treatment.

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      • You dont know that ryan..maurie is a human being, not something to be thrown to the wayside. Read your post and tell me if you would like something written like that about you. take a moment to think before you post. Maurie and others like her want to SEE again. Theyre not thinking about share price. Not picking on you and we all need to police guilty of it too. Lets not treat the patients like offence to mice!!!

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    • Her eyes are shot. Why focus on her? She said she was a very advanced case. RPE will be a game changer, but not a miracle worker.

    • Who cares. With two new IND's, 20/80 treatments, phase I/II completion, NIH funding, and maybe even a european fast track coming our way in 2013, who cares if she went for a nice walk or picked some apples. The next 6 months will be very telling.

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