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  • fighterpilot fighterpilot Jan 14, 2013 6:15 AM Flag

    Is this possible in the USA ???


    Gangs roaming the streets, breaking into homes and killing people.

    If you think this could be possible here in the USA, having the weapons to defend yourself sounds quite reasonable to me.

    The picture of mass killings of those in other countries who cannot defend themselves because they are too poor to purchase a gun is outright horrifying to me.

    Think about it, and if you decide that you rather get slaughtered than defend yourself, your choice, just let me have my own choice.

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    • Fighter....rave on. As a hunter with registered firearms, and a Life Member of the NRA, I agree we need to protect our rights. However, I will never own a "piece of junk" assault rifle or anything of that ilk. Leave those to licensed and legitimate collectors. One of the key factors protecting America today that is always overlooked, is the informal civilian militia of 20 million hunters and gun hobbyists who stand ready to defend our government. God help us if we should ever be needed. I respect your opinion and just wish America didn't have so many certifiable looneys to cloud this simple Second Amendment issue. I believe I will go have another doughnut. And since this is the ACTC board and I own a truckload of shares, good on all of us!

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    • When the bleeding heart libreals took prayer and a*s*s beating out of schools,, the country went to hell in a hand basket,, now a student can stand up to a teacher and say fk you and the schools cant do a dam thing about it,, children have lost respect for elders and are totally out of hand,, and whats worse is that so many children are on that ADHD medicine and antidepressants,, this is not good and most children are not ADHD and parents dont know how to correct them without fear of a court taking their kids away for smacking their butts when they need it,, spare the rod and spoil the child,,Rome is falling ever so slightly every day,,

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    • Image a dark room like a theater full of people with guns. Someone starts shooting, then everyone starts shooting thinking that the other person is shooting at them. Insanity/chaos and lots of dead people exercising their constitutional rights.

    • Most of the angry folks I see are 65+ years old so if you can still move pretty fast you can get out of their way. Sneak up behind them, kick them in the butt, take their gun and empty the shells out. Say go home grandpa and remind them that it is the Republicans who want to cut their SS. Wave goodbye as they drive away in their 1998 Buick.

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      • Talk is cheap, easy. There are some pretty tough oldtimers out there you'd be better to avoid. 65 is not as old as it used to be. I'd hate to see you embarrassed by one.

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      • Most of the angry folks I see are 65+ years old so if you can still move pretty fast you can get out of their way

        And, why exactly do you think the older generation might be so angry or upset over what they are seeing? Is it because most lived well within their means, saved money most of their lives in order to live off the interest as a supplent to social security? Well, they are now collecting under 1% on those savings, their homes they worked to pay off are now worth about 30% less, their grandchildren's futures are being squandered by a gov't that doesn't believe ANYONE should live within their means or cut back on ANYTHING ... not cable tv, not the internet, NOTHING!! This is FAR from a partisan issue...wake up, people, most of our politicians are not our friends! Two words ... term limits!

    • Re: "Gangs roaming the streets, breaking into homes and killing people.
      If you think this could be possible here in the USA, having the weapons to defend yourself sounds quite reasonable to me."

      Interestingly, FP, this thinking is precisely why Adam Lanza's mother had several guns around the house and went regularly to the gun range and also brought her sons to make sure they knew how to handle guns. It's the reason Adam Lanza felt competent with and knew how to handle guns. Computers were possibly the only other area he felt competent in. Socially, he was afraid of his own shadow and could barely talk to people and when he did he couldn't even look them in the eye. His own barber thought he was not able to talk. He tried to buy his own gun a few days before the massacre at a gun store and was not allowed to (a rare occurrence but probably because of his weird interpersonal manner). So he just went back and stole his own mother's guns and because of her concerns he knew how to use them very efficiently, in one sense, and he did so, to very great sadness and tragedy.

      I don't begrudge you having guns in your home but I hope you are extremely careful and safe in your various procedures with them. You have (if not countered by very great concern for safe procedures) a 15-20x better chance of them being used by or against loved ones, relatives or friends in your own home, one way or another (accidents, suicide especially) than the chance of harm from an armed intruder coming into to your home.

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    • Could not have said it better S,,
      I f you cannot defend yourself and your family, then you are just a dumb*a*s*s,,

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    • Pillsbury Doughboy, you shouldn't post before having that first donut(s), because you sound like a raving lunatic.

    • GM-No one has come up w/the right answer because- it's simple and they won't get two pages in the newspaper-Gun locks-when you buy a gun, you buy a lock so the crazies in your family can't use it.

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      • The problem today is not the firearms but society, our bleeding heart liberals’, social workers and psychologists have taken away all boundaries from our children and young adults. We can’t fail them in school, can’t punish them for wrong doing and the courts don’t even slap them on the wrist anymore and parents, well, don’t say no to Johnny that will stifle his creativity – yeah right..

        While I do not and never will believe that weapons designed for the sole purpose (assault weapons) of killing people belong outside of the Military or Police Forces I also have to point out that in Switzerland, every adult belongs to the Army Reserve and every house hold has assault weapons in them and they have the lowest crime rate in the world, curious, no. Hunting rifles and pistols should be the only weapons allowed in the hands and homes of civilians. But then again once you start taking away or modifying down your constitutional rights, where will it end.

        Bottom line is that the saying is true – Guns don’t kill people, people do. The gun is only the instrument and anyone, especially in America if so inclined can get an illegal/legal weapon with little effort.

        What really needs to happen is to bring back corporal punishment for kids and begin teaching them right from wrong and that wrong has consequences. Oh yeah and for those older than children, Texas has it right – put an express lane in for the Electric Chair.

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