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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jan 14, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Maurie posted again

    She didn't say anything about improved vision, or that it was getting any worse, either. But she did mention seeing similing faces and snow flakes falling, and I'll take that as a good omen.

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    • If she were seeing better she probably wouldn't be talking about the possiblility of a train line being closer to her home. If she were seeing changes in her vision that were positive she'd probably be talking about driving again. Please don't forget that Maurie is not totally blind and like me she has peripheral vision and although that vision isn't nearly as defined as central macula vision, you can see things depending on where they are and the lighting. It's hard for a sighted person to grasp what it's like, count your blessings. Many people with vision impairments don't wear obvious signs that they have an issue, it's not like other disabilities where you might have crutches or a cane or wheelchair. Totally blind folks may have a stick or dog but for the rest of us it's not so obvious. I had a clerk at the supermarket yell at me when I asked her if she had a particular instant lottery. She barked "don't you see them hanging here" in a real indignant tone. I told her no, my vision is very bad. She then couldn't get her foot out of her mouth and said "wear your glasses", at which point I had to go into the entire story of my vision loss and what I can actually see----I walked out of there feeling like #$%$. Anyway, it's not easy being green.....

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      • Speaking for myself, I spend a fair amount of time in China. Last trip we took the new high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai and days later were driven back.

        The train was a complete delight. Easy station ingress in Beijing; no invasive search of self and luggage; clean, spacious isles and seating, smooth, well-lighted, and comfortable accommodations; four-hour and forty-eight minute 1,322 kilometer journey at 300+KPH; Internet access the full trip with electrical plug-ins at every seating group; a 150-foot walk from train to the passenger pickup area in Shanghai, and no waiting for luggage.

        The chauffeured twelve-hour death defying return trip on first-class freeway was more costly, extremely tiring, and far less enjoyable. Warren Buffet has it figured out; invest in American rail - its day will return and sooner than one my think.

      • I don't know, but I disagree with your assumption. If you recall, the two patients we know of from the Lancet article, one was unable to leave her house on her own. The trials have required extremely advanced patients, and while Mauri was able to blog, with the help of machinery, she also discribes shoveling her driveway and seeing faces. It seems to me she may be seeing more details, but again, I don't know. It's up to her to actually share some detail like that specifically. However, I think, even if she did regain her sight and started driving again, she would not tell us that, she'd simply write about DRIVING. I don't think she is going to blog, my sight is this or that anymore. My guess is, she realized that that is a problematic thing, particularly with the obsessively compulsive and not very respectful investment community following her every word, and the legal issues involved.

    • Read between the lines ... she is obviously describing what she is "seeing"!

    • Love reading that.....seeing similing faces and snow flakes falling

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