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  • dickw3939 dickw3939 Jan 16, 2013 8:03 AM Flag

    Does anyone know what's next after Pres. Obama bankrupts the country?

    It is looking more and more likely.

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    • Historically, after the 1929 Great Depression, and after the 2008 Great Recession started, people voted for the Democrats.

      Why people (excepting the 1% super rich) voted for Democrats after major economic collapses? After major economic collapses in the US, the rich people's Republican Party said let the poor and middle class people fend for themselves (ie. "Let them eat cake") like let GM go bankrupt, as the rich people are not going to pay anything to help the unfortunates, which are the 99%. The Republican Party pushed for tight money policy even in dire economic times, which means no bailouts for the poor and the middle class (although the rich Republican Party pushed for bailouts for the rich like more tax cuts for the rich, and large bailouts for the rich companies.)

      In these terrible economic times, even many rank and file Republicans voted Democrat, as the rank and file layoff Republicans know that their party will not offer much help for them, as the Republican Party pushed for tight money policies even during very hard times. For example, the Republican Party wants to eliminate food stamps, even though there are some rank and file Republicans needing food stamps after being layoff by corporations.

      During the 1929 Great Depression, and during the 2008 Great Recession, ordinary rank and file people of both parties with additional independents were hurt by the severe economic downturn. The Democrat Party strived to help the people hurt during these hard times, while the Republican Party was not very interested in helping people other than helping the super rich, and helping the super rich companies.

      Most people are going to vote for a party that is striving to help them in times of need, and they are not going to vote for a party that is going to ignore them in severely bad economies, when millions are layoff by the rich corporations.

      Another thing is that people know that it is the Republican Party that screws up the economy in almost all cases. The Republican Party is controlled by rich people whose god is money, and the greed for money. The Republican Party acts to let loose the greed of its business people to pillage the economic system to a degreed, which end in the collapse of the economic system. Trickle Down economics of the Republican Party invariably cause the pillage and collapse of the economic system. It is impossible to let loose completely human greed for money without pillaging and collapsing the economic system.

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      • More fecal analysis from Cags. GM went through a structured bankruptcy. It was Bush who launched most of the economic aid packages including the corporate bail outs. Obama just continued them. Rich people, who own businesses need people to buy their products and services. The last this that business owners want is unemployed people without money to spend. You are a know nothing fool

      • Presently, forty percent of every dollar goes to pay the interest on the debt. Yet the Democrats refuse to stop spending and reduce the debt. What happens when forty percent becomes 80, 90, or 100 percent and the country is bankrupt? Who are you going to blame then..........Bush? It's past time to get real and show some fiscal responsibility. More and more people think this present administration is intentionally tearing this country down. And, it is people like you who reinforce this view. What is your solution to resolving this problem............a trillion dollar coin? That's the kind of mentality we are dealing with.

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      • Don't choke on the kool-aid!

        Why are all the major cities in major decline when they have been and ARE controlled and run by Democrats? Why, if Dems have such great ideas or poor people still poor? It can't possibly be ALL the Republicans fault, can it?

    • New world Order....remember my "managed decline of America" posting? Every speech, or Kabuki involve spending money. Today's Kabuki show calls for money for the cdc to research/study guns blah, blah, blah. spend more money.

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      • fraudleyz, your previous post said "The progressives on this board would not refute the facts, but purvey lies, propaganda and other deceptive narrative to dumb down America."

        Now, here, you say "Today's Kabuki show calls for money for the cdc to research/study guns blah, blah, blah. spend more money."

        So who is it that does not want the facts out about guns nor even any research on them, and hides that behind a phony comment about spending?

        As for Kabuki shows none anywhere are even close to Alex Jones, Rush, or even LaPierre, for that matter.

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      • 'cdc to study guns' by Fraud man. Really Fraudlyz? Don't you ever get tired of your rants?

        BTW, completing 8th grade is NOT considered having earned an advanced degree. I know in Oklahoma or Mississippi it might, but the rest of the world disagrees.