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  • suretowin suretowin Jan 16, 2013 5:03 PM Flag


    Americans taken hostage by terrorist.

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    • these type of attack will continue with this administrations policies

    • Why posting this on ACTC board?
      Am I missing something here?

    • but did they own ACTC stock?

    • news is breaking now and its doesn't sound good.

    • i guess this cant be considered work place violence. this is getting old with this administration. I not sure how many terrorist attacks under this administration but their policies suck. I don't think GW had one terrorist attack after 9-11. maybe now we cant call it a war on terror.

    • don't worry about it. john kerry is following these events very closely from this muli-million dollar yacht.

    • Ban their guns!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Algeria was trying to stay out of it for precisely this reason. They don't control their mountainous regions and that is where their Islamist have fled to. I am amazed at how quickly the Islamist retaliated. Very scary and this will complicate things. On the plus side, Algeria has a fairly strong military so maybe they help more in Northern Mali.

    • Militants were reported to have seized 41 foreign hostages in Algeria, which has opened its airspace to French warplanes hitting Islamists in northern Mali.

      The militants, who said they entered Algeria from northern Mali, told Mauritanian media they were holding 41 foreigners, among them French, British and Japanese citizens, as well as seven US nationals.

      One Briton and an Algerian were killed in the attack, Algerian Interior Minister Dahou Ould Kablia said.

      Six people were wounded - two British citizens and a Norwegian, as well as an Algerian security agent and two policemen.

      Britain's Foreign Office was unable to confirm that a Briton died, saying only that "British nationals are caught up in this incident".

      "Our kouzwa (raid) is part of an international campaign to combat Jews and crusaders," the group was quoted by Mauritania's ANI news agency as saying.

      The group said it held the Algerian and French governments and the hostages' homelands "fully responsible for the delay in satisfying our demands, chief among which is the immediate end to the attack on our people in Mali".

      In an earlier statement the group said it wanted to punish Algeria for allowing French warplanes to overfly the country on bombing missions to Mali.

      Little is known about the group claiming responsibility for the kidnappings - who have referred to themselves as Katibat Moulathamine, meaning "The Masked Ones".

      A Mauritanian news agency reported they are under the command of veteran jihadist Mokhtar Belmokhtar.

      The In Amenas gas field, which lies about 100 kilometres from the border with Libya, is jointly operated by British oil giant BP, Norway's Statoil and state-run Algerian energy firm Sonatrach.

      Production was shut down after the attack.

      A worker at the scene told Agence France Presse by phone that the armed group was demanding freedom for 100 Islamists held in Algeria in exchange for the foreign hostages.

      "The assailants have demanded that these Islamists be taken to northern Mali," he said.

      The interior minister insisted Algiers would not negotiate with the "terrorists," who he said were surrounded by the army and security services.

      Speaking on television, Kablia said the group appeared to want to leave the country with the hostages, which Algiers rejected, but denied they had come from either Mali or Libya, saying they were "around 20 men from the region".

      The attack took place at dawn, when armed Islamists targeted a bus carrying oil workers to the In Amenas airport, the interior ministry said.

      The assailants were repelled by security escorts, but then headed for the gas field's residential compound, where they took the hostages.

      BP confirmed that the In Amenas gas complex had been attacked.

      "The site was attacked and occupied by a group of unidentified armed people at about 0500 GMT (1600 AEDT). Contact with the site is extremely difficult, but we understand that armed individuals are still occupying the In Amenas operations site," it said in a statement.

      "Our absolute priority is the safety and security of our staff," BP added, saying "we do not yet have confirmed information on the status of personnel at the site but believe some are being held by the occupiers."

      A French catering company said 150 of its Algerian employees were being held at the complex.

      "The information I have is that a group of around 60 terrorists from neighbouring countries attacked the base overnight," said CIS Catering's executive director Regis Arnoux.

      "They took all the expatriates hostage, regardless of nationality, and tied them up. The Algerian staff are being held inside the site," he told French newspaper the Journal du Dimanche, adding: "We fear the worst, there are many lives at stake."

      The Algerian news agency APS said Algerian hostages were later freed, without saying how many.

      Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said 13 Norwegian nationals were caught up in the crisis, which he called one of the most serious yet involving Norwegian citizens.

      One Norwegian oil worker telephoned his wife to say he had been taken hostage, she told Norway's Bergens Tidende newspaper.

      Japanese engineering company JGC Corp said it believed that five of its workers were also among those kidnapped, while Ireland confirmed an Irishman was in the group.

      British-based security firm Stirling Group told Norwegian daily Verdens Gang that it was in negotiations to secure the release of the hostages.

      "We are working closely with the authorities and military in Algeria, the talks have gone on a while," the newspaper quoted managing director Mike Lord as saying.

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      • Osama is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run...WHAT?

        Al Qaeda is still alive!!! Oh Noooo, another Benghazi-Belmokhtar flu? Mr. Bill, meet Mokhtar Belmokhtar, he is the leader of Al Qaeda in the Maghreb. This Mokhtar dude now is holding hostage, 3 Americans with other foreigners who were gas/oil workers in Algeria....hmmmm. Here we go again. What does America mean to the rest of the world?

        America was sold a bill of goods on the "war on terorrism", meanwhile we are still waiting for information about how 4 Americans were killed in Libya.