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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Jan 17, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    O/T- Docs Have To Ask About Guns

    Bullshiet,, thats a good way to get shot if you turn someone in for their guns,, I already have fears for my and my families saftey because of all the drugs out there and drug addicts will do just about anything for a fix, including coming to my office or home and demanding drugs, and that has happened to me before,, you don't give them their candy and they can get violent,, guy took a swing at me last week in the ER for that very reason,, of course that is a felony but they dont care when looking for drugs,, and now Obama wants us to ask about your guns at home or ask a child how many guns daddy has, yea right,,

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    • The media has whipped up this criminal hysteria by continually reporting an destorting the truth about crime in this country. So the media has panicked all those that are easily manipulated by these lies, like you Doc, and those who that are weak minded, like Fighter, running out to buy boat loads of guns, when all we really need to do is outlaw assault weapons, and the owning of large caches of ammo, it's that simple.
      The real truth is that crimes are down:
      "By many measures we are safer now than we were two and three decades ago, but less so compared to four and five decades ago. While the murder rate is at or near a 50-year low, some of the deadliest and most violent mass-shooting events have happened within the past five years. The point is, when we read or watch news stories about random violent acts, we should always be mindful not to overplay singular events against a mountain of statistical evidence showing we are better off now compared to 20 and 30 years ago."

    • probably shouldn't report child abuse either cause child abusers can get violent too

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      • Evil,, I see no reason as a routine to ask how many guns someone owns and how that will solve anything, unless there is suspicion of impending violence, and then that is up to the police,, I do not tolerate child abuse and have turned in parents to CPS in the past,, what really bothers me is that I have 2 youngsters that I know who have the potential to be violent and who are always in trouble,, they are troubled kids that come from seemingly good families, but I know that they are not right, but there are no safetly nets for these kinds of kids,, I mean I have sent to psychiatry and all the appropriate specialists but I am concerned that someday it will be to late,, years ago these kids would have been institutionalized, but they dont do that anymore and therefore they are on the streets so to speak,, medicines have no effect on these types of kids,,
        Very concerning,,

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      • Abusers are generally cowards-you know what I mean. Addicts are unpredictable and impulsive. Docs not cops. Maybe you'll do a citizen's arrest because it's so easy to do.