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  • cozamanisdion Jan 19, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    Well half way through trials.. half the risk gone!! lawsuits settled.people see better, no complications

    If i was major pharma i would def be looking in actcs direction now.. Oh and insider buying which is a first in a long time.. I mean whats not to like...Jv coming or buyout but the risk has been lessened by half !! Money means nothing if the science works.. Money finds science , Science doesnt find money.. I really believe something big is happening behind scenes as we speak.. but the ship is getting cleaned up and ready for sailing sooner than later.. this is a stock that is at .10 cents one day and opens at 2.00 the next.. it wont be a slow ride up when we leave .. remember is this just slows down the MD its a home run.. and thats at the very least... Ok id love to hear some opposing opinions..

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    • Big pharma will not touch this with a ten foot pole. They are only Galway through trials. You are looking at another couple of years before anyone takes a look at this and that's only if trails are going well.

    • Many of us have felt the same way you do and still do. Sometimes, when the stock goes way down we tend to get a bit negative. There's one fool on here that will "cut and paste" things you just said so as to remind you of how wrong you are-it's his only joy in life I guess. I think in order to even care about this company you have to be optimistic about it's research and hopeful for the future. There's no telling where this technology can go. Look how far DNA research has come in just a decade. Stem cell research was stifled by the flat-earth Bush crowd but now that's all in the past. Your optimism is great and founded. Patience is the key here. The more level headed folks on this blog keep their cool and casually remind me that there is a time frame involved in this research and we are in the very early days of that time frame. Keep up the positive attitude. You might just be correct !!!

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      • cozamanisdion Jan 19, 2013 11:32 PM Flag

        I just see the valuation today a lot more attractive.. I could see why big pharm wouldnt want to get involved in the early stage.. way too much risk but now when your more than half way through and youve settled lawsuits , stopped a reverse split, have insider buying, have top ten scientist in the world on your board making desisions, have people vision increasing , have no complications, and like i said if you just can even slow md down without curing you have a 100 bager at least.. If i was big pharm id want this company at the half way point before a bidding war insues ... the stock price is crazy cheap but i really believe were at least worth 2 dollars at this point and i expect the stock price to keep going north little by little till some kind of jv is signed and then people will know this company is the real deal and everyone will want in.. So i dont want to be optimistic but a 3 year old could see what im seeing..I am going to go on record saying 40 cents before end of month and just up from there if what rabin is stating is true and i expect another cnn update this year also.. :) this guy in adxs is a paid pumper and needs investors so he can sell into the volume to get his money out... just ignore him, he has no girl , no life, and greed owns his soul... you know where he is going but i will not say.. i hope he turns but chances are he wont..

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