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  • booskiadam booskiadam Jan 20, 2013 7:56 AM Flag

    Sunday morning coffee and Patriots report. Renaming the Lombardi trophy to the Bellichic trophy


    Will happen in due time. Dont want to claim victory just yet but, do you think the Suggs and Lewis steroids will have adverse effects? I mean they played an extended physical game last weekend and well these guys are probably jacked on lidacaine as you are reading this.... The Patriots have a few more weapons than did Denver. Tom terrific should get 300+ in the air and I am sure Welker will get hit so hard and bounce back up wwe will all be wondering what goes on in that cement head (most would be crying for mommy) after hits like he receives. Patriots 35 Ravens 24. For he is a jolly good fellow for he is a jolly good fellow (and a murderer) which nobody can deny. San fran 41 Falcons 38.

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    • Boos, if you're going to accuse Suggs and Lewis of taking steroids, you'd better take a second look at the Pats, too, because they have just as many steroid users as the Ravens, the truth be told the whole NFL is loaded with folks taking banned drugs of some type or another, including the coaches.
      Anyway, I don't what the scores will be, nobody does, but I think it'll be the Falcons vs Ravens in the Super Bowl. Sorry about not picking the Pats, Brady is the best, but their defense is suspect, to say the least. And without Gronk they'll get kronked