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  • biohitechinvestor biohitechinvestor Jan 25, 2013 12:56 AM Flag

    Are we going back to $.05 again...hope not...

    I guess the move up was all hype about not implementing the reverse split at this point in time. I believe the company is waiting for major news and then they'll implement the reverse split which should be no problem if the news is exceptional. The fact that they are allowing patients into the trials with better sight is worrisome or maybe not so. I would like to hear comments about this from the board, but serious ones if that's possible. Why would the company add patients with better sight? Do they think that their treatment will make them see much better? Good luck to longs.

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    • It means two things the differential is significant enough to show a statistical difference and they want to increase the speed of enrollment...get to market faster. It is positive.

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    • There is much greater potential for success (medically and financially) to treat the disease earlier in the process. I think of it as preventing blindness vs. curing blindness. Hopefully, for those with very progressive cases, the treatment will slow and possibly reverse some of the damage that's already done.

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      • I am a 64 year person with AMD. I have had it for 5 years. My mother is completely blind from it. The vision in my right eye is 20/400 but my treated left eye is 20/30. Without my monthly injections my left eye would be gone too.
        In terms of treating people whose vision is less than 20/400-------where do I volunteer. I am sure that there are millions just like me who would want the opportunity to get "fixed". By opening the trials to people whose vision can maybe be affected before deteriorating to an unaddressable level the results become that much more meaninful.

        The diease SUCKS. Getting shots in the eye got REal OLD ---------VERY FAST.

        I am READY for a cure

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    • To quote Wikipedia, "Blindness is defined as visual acuity of less than 20/400." I guess showing improvements in people with 20/100 is easier than making a nearly blind person see again, lol.

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      • Not so much easier to show improvement as it's easier to evaluate results in people that can see better. Older people also have other problems besides their blindness that can affect test results. As for going back to .05? I would have said no way if the share price had held above .08, but looking a lot more possible now. Only thing going for them is history. The stock has been generally gone up in the first quarter the last few years.