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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jan 26, 2013 9:00 PM Flag

    Did I say it or did I say it, PALIN is HISTORY at FAUX News !!!!

    Where's that copy cut and paste Bearclawe when you need him? I said it a whole bunch of times, Palin would be GONE from Faux News after the election and SHE'S GONE !!!! She will now fade off into the sunset as one of those odd strange jokers from America's political past. Oh yes, she'll turn up here and there for a while, as more of a fluke than anything or relevance, similar to what she's been all along actually. THANK GOD we don't have to try to comprehend her idiotic hate and racist rants anymore. You gotta give it to her though, the sociopath saw an opportunity to make a bunch of money, so she quit her job as the first female governor of Alaska and cashed in her chips. The only thing we'll be hearing next is that she and her husband are splitting. Then, because of the very ugly nature of her sociopathic personality, everyone and their brother will be coming out of the woodwork to tell us how much more horrible she really was than even the worst stories we've already heard. Hey GOP CONS and Racists, hum this little ditty to yourselves, in the words of Hall and Oates, "SHE"S GONE oh I better learn how to faace it SHE'S GONE, can't believe that she's gone oh I'd pay the DEVIL to replace her" LOL LOL LOL YES YES YES THERE IS A GOD !!!!

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    • Not to worry, nj. Latest report is that Sarah Palin has agreed to set up a new combination of a homeland security/ environmental protection type state agency aimed at identifying Russian red salmon infiltrating Alaskan territorial waters.

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