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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere Jan 26, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

    BlueCloud, Man of Good, Patriotic American In His Own Words

    While he proclaims to not condone the 9/11 attack, Blue sure does seem to be "wide left" in agreeing with Reverand Wright and at least understanding terrorists. Let's call on Blue to explain the next time a suicide bomber lets one go in restaurant or on a bus.

    " BTW, I agree with most of what Rev. Wright would scream about. His message is spot on, but his delivery is terrible. The US is an imperialistic nation with a horrible record of racism, violence and human rights violation. May I remind you that we are also the only nation to use nukes. Our chicken ARE coming home to roost, 9/11 comes to mind. How would you react if a foreign nation with a different religion started building military bases all over the world, imposing rules and values that are not the norm for your society

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    • Theres; re-read what you re-posted from Blue. He doesn't even mention all the dictators we kept propped up so we can do business or keep influence in a region. In the seventies we were still sterilizing blacks. Criticizing you're country for when it does wrong does not make you un-patriotic. Having a "we are better than everyone else and we can't learn a thing from you, and you should listen to us" attitude will only get you so far.

      Just something to keep in mind.

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      • So if we prop up dictators we're wrong and if we take them out - (Iraq and others) we're wrong. That's the problem with some on the left Flop, you have no compass. Has our government screwed up - absolutely both democrat and republican, but in case you didn't notice we live in a tough neighborhood and it's been that way before we came along.

        I don't need to re read what Blue posted, it speaks for itself. In any way justifying or showing understanding for terror is dispicable. "Criticizing you're country for when it does wrong does not make you un-patriotic." I agree. What did the US do wrong that justifies The Cole, The Marine barracks bombing, the embassy bombings in Afirca, 1st trade center attack, second trade center attack, the many attempts that we stopped?

        And what about all the good that we've done?

    • Blue doesn't speak like a patriotic American but somehow that doesn't surprise me. Very few of his kind do.

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